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10 Ways to Find Time for Exercise

Busting the #1 Exercise Excuse: Lack of Time


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  • This is a little too sweeping so think of the message as it relates to you. Then it's pretty good. Some things you can change. Others you may not want to. First you have to find a reason to change. Squeezing in 10 minutes of exercise may not be it ... nothing you have to squeeze in really is. It becomes a chore not a routine. My 2-bits of comment on Christmas Eve
  • Had to laugh at the statement in this article about "getting a Spark fix". I find that so true -- it seems I can replace some of those forkfuls with this new obsession. Now, if I could only do the same with exercise. One step at a time!
  • My latest thing - for the past few months - has been the turn chores into exercising. Imiss regular video/dvd routines but for the present this works better in my schedule.
  • Practical article.... I NEED to apply this information.
  • For those of you who really don't like what I call 'hard-core' exercise.....or if you're me....gardening is great exercise as is yoga any time of the day. :-)
  • I am a believer that if I'm going to be alive, I might as well be healthy, too. 8-)
  • RBYRD5
    There are websites and blogs with TV and movie workout games. :)
    I love this article. If you find time to clean your house, you can find time to exercise. I cleaned my Son's house for 2 hours and did 21 minutes of core sit down exercises. I burned 459 calories. So I think everyone can do it! I hope everyone has a blessed day!
  • Active commute is a biggie for me. It doesn't take any more time than driving, since I live close to work, so it really costs me NO time, and I get to work energized and feeling just a little too proud of myself!
  • Someone said their smartphone made them exercise less because of games and web browsing etc. For me, it's been just the opposite. I walk in place while reading or playing games on the phone. I also found long ago that I play video games better when standing and/or moving in some way, starting from the old 8-bit Nintendo! The handhelds were great for that also. Anyway- although I also stand/walk in place a little while working at the computer now, my activity level went way up when I got an iPhone because I would definitely move somehow while reading on it. The same can be done while reading hardcopy books and magazines. Also while talking on the phone, watching cat videos, or tv.... I know this site seems dedicated to working up a sweat as exercise, but really just moving more while doing what you already do makes quite a difference. No sweat or special clothes required. A few minutes here and there adds up also.
    I love this article. There shouldn't be any excuses for putting ourselves first!! Don't ever put your health & wellness last. That is exactly what we do when we don't eat right & excerise.
  • I had to laugh at #9, "find an activity that you love". Sorry, there is no activity (running, sports, etc.), that I love or that I can do. My activities are reading, playing the piano, and singing. They would not fall under what most people call an "activity".
  • The exercise I avoid is strength training so I put my set of dumbbells right in front of the TV. I can work out with them AND follow my favorite shows at the same time.

    The article itself is great, however I CRINGE at the photo of the high heeled shoe. Wearing those things has impaired women for decades. What we are conditioned to do for fashion amazes me. Watching my mother and her sisters hobble around in their later years has been so sad.
    This article has been a huge help when covering the topic of making time for exercise. I am in total agreement that the hardest part of working out in a gym is going to one. There are many variables when deciding when to work out. Some variables include driving, getting ready, finding a partner to go with etc. I have found that a solid consistent routine is key for continuous fitness. I have really enjoyed this article and the comments left below. Often times people forget the simple activity of planning when it comes to fitness.

    When it comes to creating specific goals with realistic time management measurable actions are needed. Check out this article on MFitness for more info...
  • Ever since I have my smartphone and add game apps, I started to get less of my exercise time, I get so distracted that mere minutes turn to hours of online! This article reminds me of what I've lose - fitness time for myself!

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