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10 Signs You're Watching Too Much Television

Is Your TV Habit Interfering with Your Healthy Habits?


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    You are watching too much television when one of the credentials to new-hires is to watch a specific program so you can discuss it at work. Seriously, this happened.
  • I was there once. I'm so glad I turned my life around. Even so, I found this article to be very humorous.
  • Too funny--commercials becoming your culinary inspiration! It brings me back to the Nacho, Nacho Man commercial.
  • About three years ago, I cancelled my cable TV and switched to watching Netflix. Five and a half months ago I cancelled the internet as well. Now the only thing to watch are DVDs.

    I've seen all of my DVDs a million times, and if I want something new, I have to drive to the video store (yes, we have the last standing video store in the world ;). )

    It surprising how little I miss TV when I don't have it. In fact, when I'm at the gym, I get annoyed watching TV, or should I say watching commercials, because commercials seem to be the only thing on.
  • Funny, my tv is on all day, but I am usually not actually watching it. I should switch it off and put on some music. I start the day out with news and then it just kind of stays on. I bought a table for my computer that eventually became a little table for my meals, that had to stop after a month. I got a real table and I actually eat with my back to the tv, on or off. It is better this way, but I do need to turn the darn thing off more often.
  • I don't watch television as much as I play video games. But I have a rule. If I'm playing a video game, I must also be working out. It can be walking in place, or something like that, but usually I'm on my pedal machine. So I'm on a more comfortable stationary bike the majority of the time I play video games (occasionally I realize I've stopped during boss fights, but I start again as soon as possible). If I'm watching TV, it's the same thing. I'm walking or pedaling or doing leg lifts. I just try to keep moving.
  • I mostly really get into the tv when my hubby and granddaughter come home.
  • Don't forget walk in place- very easy to do while watching tv. Also use the technology! I can watch a tv show live or recorded or streaming from a website or my cable provider anywhere within reach of my wifi on my iPhone. I always record anything I really want to watch, using an application on my Mac and a USB device which replaced my old tv. Then I can be interrupted any time and also can easily take a short minimeal break while watching a show and then just stop watching when I'm done, picking it up again on another break. TV doesn't have to make you eat mindlessly... But I do a lot of exercise while watching tv, again recordings let me do it for whatever time I want and whenever I want. I often watch while preparing food for now or later or doing other chores, the iPhone makes it easy.
    There is so much junk on tv, I definitely DON'T have a problem with tv. I can't stand reality tv. I know people who don't answer the phone when certain shows are on. Now do a study on the computer, and there is my problem. I spend way too much time on it. Spark People, email, facebook, scrabble, church groups, shopping. The good thing is that I am starting to realize it and trying to cut down my time on it.
  • I don't watch TV, it's all rubbish, but the computer is my problem. Too many emails, ans I do all my shopping on line. i am trying to get this down to a minimum but can't seem to do it. Somebody please write a blog on this!
  • Bwaaahhhhhahahaha! I love the picture!!!! If I could get into that position, I would be at my goal!!! Let's keep in mind that computer time can be just as bad!
  • This is me! It is terrible! Home from work ...quick eat..get my iPad, my sudoku book, my cell phone, my bills and debit cards and I run to the tv room before my husband can get my spot on the couch. Yikes! I do get my exercise ball ready to be my foot rest. Often don't even know what is on the tv. We have to get a life!!!
  • You know you are addicted to the Tv when you take the time to watch the refund of the refund and you can say the dualities along with the characters!!!
  • I don't have cable or dish and haven't for years. Occasionally I may watch a movie but for the most part I have better things to do. Having to sit and relax is not a necessity, it its a modern belief. I can relax quite well standing or doing something.
  • KAT2010
    I'm a radio gal - from a childhood without a TV set probably. Now my problem is this computer - neverending things to do on here!!

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