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10 Fitness Items to Splurge and Save On

Tips to Save on Workout Accessories


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  • Since I'm not sturdy on my feet and have a ton of health issues I bought an exercise mat instead of a yoga mat. I don't slip at all on it and its easier on my poor feet.
  • Good shoes that are the right size is super important. Get yourself fitted not shoes that 'fit'. IMHO.
  • I buy what I like whether it cost $2 or $200.00.
  • One good Husband is worth two good Wives;
    for the scarcer things are, the more they're valued.
    - Benjamin Franklin
  • I like my yoga mat! No slipping or sliding
    My favorite item is the Frelonic exercise mat. They cost around $50 but stay fabulous for decades, so it's a good investment. They provide cushioned support for floor work and are easy to clean. I store it in my TV cabinet so it's easy to use during TV commercials. It's an absolute treasure and I actually look forward to using it. An excellent way to reward yourself. My first mat is still going strong and I've had it since the 90's!
  • Great information!
  • Thanks for the tips.
    A few comments about buying shoes.

    Just buying top brand shoes will do little if anything for absolutely SHOULD buy those brands, but only after you have been correctly fitted for the shoes that SUIT you, your feet, and how YOU move. (Do you wear thin/thick socks for exercise? Do you pronate or supinate? Will you be walking/running/doing aerobics? All these things factor in!)

    I wear Brooks Adrenaline shoes...I've worn them since they were in the 8th generation of the model (GTS8) they are now in the 17th generation (GTS17) I can go in to any store and buy those shoes whether a sports specialist, running specialist and occasionally a consolidation store (DSW etc.) Because those shoes fit ME, MY feet, and the way I move.
    Could I buy another model of Brooks with the same certainty? Or another top brand?
    Not without being properly fitted for those shoes.

    So please, let's not talk about shoes, and the importance of good quality shoes without first acknowledging that fit, and use are just as important as the shoes themselves.

    And ladies...BTW: Same thing applies to sports bras!!!
  • I couldn't agree more about splurging on the shoes and exercise bras. So many women don't bother with the sports bras and you can really tell! It has to be uncomfortable too.
  • As a man I just want to lose enough weight that I do not need a sports bra! ha ha
    My favorite home purchase was my Bowflex. I love the rowing machine ability.
  • From my experience gym memberships are a waste of money - big time.
  • I disagree on the concept of a pedometer. If you're tracking the steps you take in a normal day, and counting it as exercise, it means you'll do less in the way of an actual workout.
    I find the whole thing counter-productive and self-defeating. Seems like money better spent on a gym membership, IMO.

    If you have a Gabriel Brothers near you, and you're not going there for your running shoes and workout gear, you're doing it wrong. I paid $25 for my last pair of Nike Flex Fits.
  • I have only found sportsbras in my size online and only one brand makes them. Sadly the idea of a sportsbra was a fantasy for me until two years ago when I had to buy one for a bike trip. Amazing what a difference the correct size makes!

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