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60-Second Cardio Moves

Fast Exercises You Can Do Anywhere!


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  • YMWONG22
    Good suggestions. I will try some of them.
  • I can't do these because of the instability of my knees!
  • easy to do in 10 min.
  • These are great exercises. I'm going to try some and I think I will add 5lbs. of weight in each hand for some extra intensity. Thanks for the great suggestions!
  • Was thinking "I have so much to do today no time for exercise" except for some housecleaning chores and cooking. So found calorie counts on others sites for those and entered into Favorites on Fitness tracking. Then decided to read and do 5 minutes of the one minute exerecises. Put kitchen timer on 5 minutes and did one exercise for 1 minute, some with ten counts of high intensity, to complete the five minutes. Then did another exercise for i minute, etc.So motivating to iove to new movement every minute and get five minutes done when was telling self "no time". Will do this each monring, in addition to longer fitness times later in day.
  • Absolutely going to stop periodically during the day to do some of these great exercises . Thank you for reminding me.
  • Full on jumping is a no no because of my fake knees. Jacks can be modified by quickly moving one leg out to your side in line with your body then bringing it in before you do the same with your other leg. Traditional arm movements can be done, or you can start with your arms over your head...right beside by your ears. Simply pull both arms down until your hands are at your shoulders...then quickly return so this is done with each leg movement. (Thanks Jessica Smith for teaching me how to do this!) The goal is to jack up your heart rate without stressing any joints! Elevating our heart rate is crucial for cardiovascular health; doing one of these moves during a commercial break seems like a good idea. After 60 seconds just walk around the room until your breathing returns to normal.
    If you can't jump doing jumping jacks, just move feet out to the sides but don't jump.
    can do most, working on mountain climbers. Hard on my wrists.
  • Burpees, jumping jacks, jump rope
  • These are some fun and effective moves! Thanks for the great article, photos, and idea.
  • As soon as my knees are replaced, I'll be doing these. Now it's just walking at work (with my cane), isometrics and upper body strength training with a 5# weight.

  • Jumping jacks are a high-impact move. Both feet are leaving the floor at the same time. How about an exercise for those of us who can't jump due to physical limitations?
    I am grateful for the low impact level of your exercise options. Being just diagnosed with a rare disease that has literally killed my ankle bones I cannot do any jumping-type exercise, but need to get this weight off to help keep my ankles from collapsing. Thank you greatly.
  • Great idea with moves that are easy to learn and remember. Thanks Spark People!

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