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8 Ways to Put Yourself on Your Priority List

Finding Time for ''Me'' Time


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  • This is a good article. It's important to treat yourself well. I try to have some "me" time every day and reward myself occasionally for a job well done.
  • Hardest lesson to learn over the years but it has the biggest impact.
  • Great article me. I will incorporate o rate me time in my schedule and I will make appropriate changes in my routine.
  • This is a challenge I ace (most are not). I learned to say NO a long time ago when I was single and employers would assume I would pick up the slack from married coworkers who "had" to leave to pick up kids. In an emergency, gladly - otherwise NTY. And why - because when I got very sick I was actually penalized for leaving early to head to an ER. That night I had emergency surgery. No FMLA at that time so "ding, ding, ding" bad attendance marks complicated by giving no notice for surgery ... heck I had no notice either.
  • thank youe SP land for this gentle reminder! my LIFE changed for the Better when i started listening to meeeee and not ignoring my own needs. xoxxoxxo
  • In my world, exercise time is definitely ME time.
  • I learned a long time ago to put myself first. When my needs are not met I am ineffective. It's part of the "power of no" - today with electronics always in hand it's easy to understand why people are over committed. Saying I'm sorry or no when you really can't manage to do something is better than not doing well. One of my greatest gifts this year came from a new friend whose daughter came home from college with medical issues that needed her immediate attention. Her comment to me - I'm sorry my daughter needs me more than I thought. I don't have time to work on a new friendship right now. Honesty - what a great gift. She knew that her time was not going to be her own for awhile and let me know rather than always planning and having to cancel. It can make it a little lonelier but the friends you have really care and will work with you. I have found it also serves as a silent reminder to them to take care of themselves.
  • I often put my fiance's needs before mine, but I feel that my partner does the same thing. Excellent article!
  • Today I asked for help for cooking for a volunteer event next week. Hopefully the answer will be "yes". Willing to share the work - LOL! And that would leave more "me" time.
  • I needed this! Great tips and ones that I can actually have hope to accomplish. Thank you!
  • I always tend to have problems with making time for me. This article gave me great tips.
  • Just had this conversation with PT this morning...
  • I "plan to plan" all the evening meals for next week over the weekend!
  • I probably do need to find more "me" time but when it takes away from those in my life who need care, it is really difficult for me. I am a caregiver in my home (by choice) because I don't want to put family members in an institution until I have to! I grab a few minutes whenever I can but still have to prioritize the needs of other people!
  • MAKPAD2002
    A great read. Just what i needed as a wakeup call. I tend get lost in chores as a mother and a busy doctor that i forget i too am an important person in my life. Thanks.

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