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Be Your Own Cheerleader

12 Ways to Build a Support System--and Be Your Own!


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  • Wonderful ideas! I have three furry friends that make sure I walk daily. We are even increasing the amount of time we walk!
  • Great ideas! Right now #8 is upping my daily exercise even more. So true that a dog will never say "no" to a walk.
  • I don't remember where I read it, but someone suggested getting a charm bracelet and getting a charm for each 10 pounds lost. I did this for myself and I now have three charms. I also added a couple of color beads so it didn't look quite so empty.
    I wear it when I walk and it now moves around quite a bit when I swing my arm. It's a subtle reminder for me to stay on my path.
    There is no magic bullet to motivate you. You have to find something that matters to you - whether it is improving your health, decreasing your size or even rewarding yourself. If it doesn't mean anything to you, you won't stick to your program. Good luck to everyone.
  • Solid advice, especially for those of us who think we can go it alone. I know better, still fall prey to the demons in my head.
    I got my little workout buddy almost a year ago. Bella is a Borador, half lab and half border collie. She has given me a knew appreciation for nature and long walks. Her joy is contagious. The best decision I ever made was to adopt her. She is an integral part of our family.
  • The idea to reward yourself isn't new to me, but the way that it's written here actually inspired a new idea for me. Research shows that people are more conscious of losing money than of failing to getting it. As a result, in addition to a reward jar I'm going to start a penalty jar for myself, too. For each week that I fail to meet or at least make progress toward a goal I'll put a dollar in the penalty jar. That money will go to charity at the end of each month. So, if I don't want to lose money I'll have to work towards each of my goals but the penalty isn't high enough (it's going to charity after all) that if I fail to meet them I'll beat myself up about it either.
  • Every time I get motivate I akways end up hurting myself some kind of way. This time I strain my back. Next week I will be back again.
    I loved the post, and the best way I found to get what I want is to visualize myself already having it, NOW. I learned that once I make a 'decision' to have whatever it is, that visualizing it feels natural and I know I'm on the right path. I learned that little trick from the online coaching folks at (It stands for Free Thinking Renegades, which about sums it up!). I also found having a coach also helped, lol!! God bless :)
  • I like the idea of throwing a dollar into a jar and buying something good with them after they accumulate. Sometimes I treat myself without there being much reason, and the treat in itself isn't that good for me. 30 days of exercise = $30 (or 30,000 won in my case) to spend on something healthy sounds like a nice reward.

    I also like the idea of engraving the date of an accomplishment onto a piece of jewelry for some reason. I'm not a big jewelry person but whenever I accomplish my weight loss goal, heck yeah, I'll take a bracelet with the date engraved on it to not only reward myself to remind me to keep my weight at that goal.
  • Great article! there are a lot of good tips and although I read other articles on motivation before I got some new ideas. thank you.
    Great ideas, my favorite is pay yourself.
  • I clicked on this because it said "How to motivate yourself when no one else will", I think that would resonate with a lot of people trying to lose weight...then it opened and I was totally turned off by "Be your own cheerleader"... sadly patting myself on the back isn't going to do anything for me. Also, anything that requires other people to be my support in order for me to be motivated isn't going to work either...

    I'd like to see a real article on how to motivate the meantime I'll go back to reading success stories, because that does give me a little motivation...
  • I have had a couple of miserble weeks latley and when I read turn your pet into your work out buddy I laughed. I have a 20lb cat that has been on a vet ordered diet for 3 years, and getting him to move is a exersize in it self. A exersize in futillity!! I imaginedtrying to take him on a walk and it just made my day!
    I use to be an awesome self motivator, but somehow it all just disappeared and i cant stay motivated no longer than a couple days.
  • I know what I want and I am learning more each day about what it takes to push through failure. So when I think I can not do any more...I try one more minute....Yes I am my own booster club!!

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