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Be Your Own Cheerleader

12 Ways to Build a Support System--and Be Your Own!


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  • Believe in yourself and acknowledge your accomplishments.
  • I am my own best cheerleader and competitor.
  • Some good guidelines.
    I set small goals and urge myself on.
  • This is a GREAT article! It's not always easy to stay positive with yourself, but I have found some fantastic virtual buddies on here.
  • i am getting better at this since I have gotten healthier
  • This is a tough one for me.
  • Wonderful ideas! I have three furry friends that make sure I walk daily. We are even increasing the amount of time we walk!
  • Great ideas! Right now #8 is upping my daily exercise even more. So true that a dog will never say "no" to a walk.
  • I don't remember where I read it, but someone suggested getting a charm bracelet and getting a charm for each 10 pounds lost. I did this for myself and I now have three charms. I also added a couple of color beads so it didn't look quite so empty.
    I wear it when I walk and it now moves around quite a bit when I swing my arm. It's a subtle reminder for me to stay on my path.
    There is no magic bullet to motivate you. You have to find something that matters to you - whether it is improving your health, decreasing your size or even rewarding yourself. If it doesn't mean anything to you, you won't stick to your program. Good luck to everyone.
  • Solid advice, especially for those of us who think we can go it alone. I know better, still fall prey to the demons in my head.
    I got my little workout buddy almost a year ago. Bella is a Borador, half lab and half border collie. She has given me a knew appreciation for nature and long walks. Her joy is contagious. The best decision I ever made was to adopt her. She is an integral part of our family.
  • The idea to reward yourself isn't new to me, but the way that it's written here actually inspired a new idea for me. Research shows that people are more conscious of losing money than of failing to getting it. As a result, in addition to a reward jar I'm going to start a penalty jar for myself, too. For each week that I fail to meet or at least make progress toward a goal I'll put a dollar in the penalty jar. That money will go to charity at the end of each month. So, if I don't want to lose money I'll have to work towards each of my goals but the penalty isn't high enough (it's going to charity after all) that if I fail to meet them I'll beat myself up about it either.
  • Every time I get motivate I akways end up hurting myself some kind of way. This time I strain my back. Next week I will be back again.
    I loved the post, and the best way I found to get what I want is to visualize myself already having it, NOW. I learned that once I make a 'decision' to have whatever it is, that visualizing it feels natural and I know I'm on the right path. I learned that little trick from the online coaching folks at (It stands for Free Thinking Renegades, which about sums it up!). I also found having a coach also helped, lol!! God bless :)

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