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Supplements for a Healthy Heart

Do Supplements Really Help Your Heart?


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  • Found this article very helpful!
  • Based on this, it looks as though I've been on the right track with my supplements, so I'll keep taking them.
  • Very helpful. Thank you!
  • Great article. Good to know some of the science behind the claims.
    Supplements help the companies that make them! Period.
  • " These prescription niacin supplements typically come in 50- milligram doses or higher, while over-the-counter supplements (which are not regulated by the FDA) come in strengths of 250 milligrams or less"
    I presume this is a typo? why would a prescription come in such a low dose compared to OTC? 50 mg for prescription and 250 for OTC?
    I do agree with Labgirl8 on keeping things to minimal. Right now, I'm just taking a few vitamins to boost my system. One is for my heart which is Cardiamin from Nephroceuticals.
  • I've been loyal to my health supplement and yes, it really helps me boost my health and lifestyle. I guess, we all need it especially we are in the process of creating an improve us, a healthier and happier us!
  • There is new scietific evidence that baby aspirins can have a negative effective if you never had a stroke or heart problems before. Affter a stroke baby aspirin can really help!
    I tried a lot of supplements, while trying to overcome heart disease but vitamin D3 and fish oil shown to be among the most effective. Probably because most people don't get enough sun exposure because of their job or they don't consume enough healthy fats, on regular basis.

    Although minerals such as calcium as well as vitamins such as niacin can be useful, from my experience, they are not necessary since these micronutrients can be easily obtained through healthy diet.

    I would also like to point out that few other supplements such as CoQ10 and DIM or 3,3′-Diindolylmethane can help, too. That is, at least they helped me.
  • Thanks for sharing.
  • It is said that if you take a statin drug, then a CoQ10 supplement is a MUST. CoQ10 helps to prevent the serious side effects of the statins, some of which can be permanent.

    I had a surprise benefit from a high-EPA Omega-3 supplement. My vision got brighter! And it happened within only a couple of days of starting it.

    My eyes in general have improved over the last couple of years. I can change focus distance more easily now, and I can see better in the dark. (My work requires that I write in dark theaters, so this was very welcome.) Since I take several supplements, it would be difficult to say which one was responsible for these improvements. These changes were very recent, so it may be due to the lypo-C supplements I've been taking for 5 or 6 months now. But, as I said, I can't be sure about that.

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