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A Beginner's Guide to Biking to Work

Get Fit, Go Green and Save Money by Biking


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My daily commute is 100 miles round trip. Therefore, it is not possible to bike to work. However, when I was student-teaching, and also as a first-year teacher, I lived close enough to school that I WALKED to work every day. I also rode my bike to the grocery store once/week because I did not own a car at that time. Report
This is a great article. Report
The last time I biked in a city, a car pulled up behind me, revved the engine behind me for a half mile (I was on the far side -- could have easily passed me), then drove around me, got in front and slammed on the breaks in an attempt to make me hit the back of his car. When I avoided the crash by moving around him, he opened his driver door, and tried to "door" me. Another narrow miss. There are some very anti-bike people out there (understatement), and we share the road with them. Unless I have no choice, I stick to trails and greenways now. It just isn't worth the risk with people actively seeking to harm road bikers with their cars. Report
I enjoy biking, but don't feel safe with the route I'd have to bike to work. Report
I need to buy a bike so I can go riding with my lil man Report
I don't think biking to work is a good idea. Biking any other time would be ok. The idea that something could happen and make you late isn't good. Report
I am confused as to why this article mentions no traffic twice. In most US cities, adults must ride their bicycles in the street, not on the sidewalk. You absolutely deal with traffic!

I do like the photo that accompanies the article. She actually looks like a normal bicycle commuter, not some nervous wreck decked out in gloves and reflective gear. The more normal you look on a bike, the safer it is because the cars will give you more room. If you make bicycle commuting into something dangerous, no one wants to do it! Report
It's not practical for me to cycle to work at the moment, but I often cycle home when husband is on the same shift as me. Bike goes in the back of the car and I change after my shift. It's 9 miles from home the direct route or 40 or so the pretty route :)
Sometimes I take a helmet, sometimes not depending on whether I chose road or trails. It's not a legal obligation here as it is in some countries. I always wear cycling mitts (or gloves in the winter), I always wear glasses and always cycling shoes.
If I'm cycling in Holland I never wear a helmet. The Dutch think cycle helmet wearers are bone fide weirdos! Also, Holland is a cycling paradise with a complete cycling infrastructure. It's bliss

Sure I have had some close passes. The law states give cyclists 1.5m of space when passing. Sadly some car drivers are self obsessed, self important muppets. Most are not though Report
Biking to work isn't feasible for me, but there are some great tips in here. Maybe rethink the photo paired with this article though! Report
I call those split things "glittens", (glove/mitten) and I love them. Report
One of the problems I was faced with is that drivers often yell at a bicycle riders when they are passing by (awful close)!! This is really dangerous and mean! Either they think they are better than bicyclists or just being ass..s , in any case it ruins all good intentions to safe the planet risking your life in the same time. Report
I don't know how it is in the rest of the country, but here in Massachusetts, drivers will actually swerve to hit bicyclists while blasting their horn. The stress is unbelievably high. What is your advice to combat this situation and to bike safely under such conditions? Report
Skirt and heels, holding onto the briefcase at her handlebars and no helmet -- really?! Report
I commute by bike as often as possible. I also pick up groceries and run errands by bike. As with any new endeavor, there are plenty of excuses why I can't. Overcoming those excuses can be difficult. This article provides a good method of easing into it. Even if you just commute once a week, that is a good start.

I find that when I ride to work, my day is less stressful. I consume less coffee and my mood is better. When I ride to work, I arrive with a smile. That doesn't always happen when I arrive by car. Report
I would love to be able to ride a bike to work to squeeze in some exercise while saving a little on the ozone layer, however the roads just don't permit neither do the occupied minds of the vehicle drivers..... Report

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