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Boost Your Bathing Suit Confidence

How to Feel Your Best When You're Baring It All


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  • I purchased my swim suit on Amazon, simply because I'm not a typical size and couldn't find anything appropriate locally. I wear my suit swimming and doing water aerobics. I purchased it as a functional part of my exercise routine. I don't care if anyone likes it or not--I'm not wearing it to impress other folks, I'm wearing it to swim and have exercise benefits.
  • Our mindset makes a huge difference to many areas of our life, sometimes age us what helps...
  • Wearing a swimming suit is not a problem for me. If I'm in one, I'm at the pool and in the water. Anybody gives me shade gets really wet. I make them join me in the water.
  • good to read this as I hate being in a bathingsuit as I know people look at me cuz of my weight
  • to old to care about bathing suit season...thankfully! lol
  • Great advice! Basically , a pep talk which we all need at one time or another. Me.? Finally, a little more confidence but mostly I feel getting old enough that I don't care. The little things need to be filed away. I don't like my legs but its taking too long to get to the way I want. I just go ahead now and wear shorts in public instead of long pants,. I will get there...just going to be comfortable getting there.
  • If you wait for opportunities to occur, you will be one of the crowd to share your wait. - Edward de Bono
  • I'm almost 71 very overweight no mater what I do but I go swimming 4 to 5 times a week I'm not going let other people dictate what I enjoy doing if they do not like what see look they can look the other way
  • I have been at goal weight for awhile, but now that I'm old I still hate being in a bathing suit. There is no exercise that can firm up old, saggy skin.
  • Buying a bathing suit that is right for your body type can make you look good in a bathing suit.
  • Great tips for the start of swim suit season . . . . again!
  • I'd be happier at a nude event with other large people.
  • I agree with the older woman. By the time we realize what we are thinking, it is to late to correct. That is the world we live in today!
  • I notice that regardless of size, if a person feels good in what they're wearing...they look great in it! I've found that the secret to looking good in anything is to rock it! I have stretch marks, cellulite, and flabby parts...and I wear whatever swimsuit I feel like (from a one piece to tankinis and even bikinis). Over time, I've noticed how gorgeous women look when they own their bodies & what they're wearing. I know for me, I'm usually too busy having fun to even notice or care if anyone's looking at me. I'm not out there to put on a show for anyone...I'm out there to play! :)

    The bottom line is, even if you're wearing the most ridiculous outfit in the world, you can still look amazing in it if you wear it with pride.

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