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Boost Your Bathing Suit Confidence

How to Feel Your Best When You're Baring It All


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  • Great tips for the start of swim suit season . . . . again!
  • I'd be happier at a nude event with other large people.
  • I agree with the older woman. By the time we realize what we are thinking, it is to late to correct. That is the world we live in today!
  • I notice that regardless of size, if a person feels good in what they're wearing...they look great in it! I've found that the secret to looking good in anything is to rock it! I have stretch marks, cellulite, and flabby parts...and I wear whatever swimsuit I feel like (from a one piece to tankinis and even bikinis). Over time, I've noticed how gorgeous women look when they own their bodies & what they're wearing. I know for me, I'm usually too busy having fun to even notice or care if anyone's looking at me. I'm not out there to put on a show for anyone...I'm out there to play! :)

    The bottom line is, even if you're wearing the most ridiculous outfit in the world, you can still look amazing in it if you wear it with pride.
  • I keep thinking I want to get a new swimsuit but it's not really a body image/self esteem type of issue. My body is not that well proportioned anymore, but that's not my real issue. It's just that I am very, very conservative/modest and usually I can find either the top or bottom of 1 piece or 2 piece swimsuits that looks right but not both. Also, the cost of swimsuits that I have liked is usually pretty high for my budget.
  • I'm a talented seamstress so I skip the stores altogether and make my own swimsuits. I like the versatility of 2 piece suits, and I adore retro styles and halter necks. My #1 suit is a blue tankini that ties around the neck and has a palm tree print. My #2 is a retro style hot pink hibiscus print halter-neck swimdress. It skims rather than clings and looks hella cute. :) The pros of making my own is that I can fit as I go, and tweak it to my body. The cons are it's hard to find cute 4-way stretch fabrics, nylon fuzzy thread, and metal bikini clips around here. Hello internet shopping. :D One of my treats to myself when I hit my halfway goal is to splurge on some cherry-print 4-way stretch for a new suit.

    As an aside... am I the only one around who detests the term "bathing" suit? Bathing makes me think of soap and shampoo, of scrubbing and getting clean. Bathing sounds old-fashioned and totally weird. "Whaddaya mean bathing suit? That's my skin, man!" I'm all for "swim" suit, thanks. ^_^
  • swim dressses, found some pretty ones at amazon and swimsuits for all, and wow, i feel like i'm ready for a cocktail party followed by adult swim. very pretty, handles my 'front porch' and hides the worst of my upper thighs. delicious rich colors and i feel appropriately dressed for my age (57) and my weight (190). skip the walmart experience.
  • Being obese is bad enough but I also have very prominent varicose veins. There are a lot of exercise options I can participate in that don't involve wearing something that decreases my self image. Sorry, no swimsuits for me!
  • Sorry, I meant haven't been in a pool for at least that many years! Typo!
  • Ya know, I have always loved swimming but haven't been in a swimsuit in at least 20 years maybe more and have been in a swimming pool for probably the same. I usually will not even wear shorts! Typing this makes me want to cry because I miss the pool!
  • Hate the poll options - it implies that modesty = low self esteem, and that, my friends, is utter bollocks.
    I do boy shorts and a tank because it's inappropriate to run around in public with all your bits hanging out, fat or thin.
  • Men go through the same process as Women, but no-one addresses the issue. I've seen women off all sizes and shapes in swimsuits, and they all look good to me, but the thing is it's the self-image.
    I'm glad I hate to go into any water, so worrying about a bathing Suit was one guilt trip I never had to go on, and even being slim, I don't care at all now about it!
    "How in the world did it get like this?" It's always been like this. As far back as I can remember (and my 57th birthday is this year), bathing-suit season is fraught with self-consciousness. As we age our bodies change and a bathing suit is the most revealing outfit we wear in public. I could care less what anyone thinks except for how I feel when I am wearing the suit and there's nothing wrong with realistically assessing our bodies when choosing one. The more it flatters, the better. Now go and enjoy sun, surf and sand!
    I want to get my confidence back when I'm wearing a bathing suit. I have been wearing boys trunks and a tankini top for too long. It's not even that flattering. I just need to buy the right kind of bathing suit.

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