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The Truth about Alcohol and Heart Health

Is Drinking Actually Good for You?


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  • With alcohol, like everything else, some good points, some bad points
  • Alcohol is a toxin to the body! It is absorbed and stored as FAT!
  • How many people here have telekenetic powers? Raise my hand.
    - Emo Philips
  • God drink wine. I say wine is okay in moderation.
  • I eat and drink I do not go by studies. Live is short to worry about some study.
    The truth about alcohol and heart health
    is drinking actually good for you?
    No ,No it is not I see that this article is out dated The 2015-16 studies found with proper testing and studies alcohol offers no health benefits that is why doctors do not recommend drinking alcohol for heart health rather suggest a healthy diet and exercise I enjoy a drink once in awhile but not because I think it is going to help my heart
  • In spite of this article, your body still metabolizes ALCOHOL as if it were a POISON (that's because in fact it IS). I think that's as crazy as still giving MERCURY as a cure for syphilis.
    Sorry I still limit my alcohol intake. Not to mention its empty calories. I would have thought that would have had no place in this website.
  • I too am troubled by this article. Prefer something else.
  • Like some of the other commenters, I have a family background with a lot of alcholism in it, and even a sibling who was killed by a drunk driver. As a result, I made a decision with my hubby not to drink or take that risk that seems so in my family genes. An article like this is harder for me to read objectively, even tho I have the higher cholesterol issues, and my husband's bp is borderline. Even now, I have a grown son who is over the edge in drinking.
  • Binge drinking led to my high blood pressure and led totally to my weight gain. It's not that I didn't expect it, but they definitely don't tell you about the risk of heart problems associated with alcohol.
    I don't like the taste of wine so I will stick to eating grapes and drinking grape juice. I am really glad that I don't like wine because I would have become addicted and that would not have been good. Fear of becoming an alcoholic is why I don't drink any liquor. I like some alcohols like rum,gin and grain alcohol and could see myself becoming an alcoholic very easily had I not chose to stop drinking totally.
  • FIFFER88
    I would say that there are other more recent studies that would confirm red wine to possess beneficial properties in helping to increase heart health and decrease the probability of heart disease. For instance, one of its properties includes the molecule resveratrol, a compound found in grapes. However, resveratrol is most potent in red wine as in the wine-making process, the presence of this molecule is condensed. Therefore, red wine aids in cardio protection and also reduces the effects of oxidative stress. If you have access to a public or university library, here is a peer-reviewed source which can lead you to further studies recently conducted on the subject. Cheers!

    Netticadan, T. (2012). Why research on resveratrol-mediated cardioprotection should not decelerate. Canadian Journal Of Physiology & Pharmacology, 90(5), iii-vi. doi:10.1139/y2012-065
    My gods, what a mess of judgmental, uninformed comments here! Nowhere did the article state that you must get raging drunk every night to reap the benefits of alcohol - benefits which are, despite what some of you want to believe, well-documented and supported. Binge drinking is not good. You won't see your health improve if you're pounding Red Bull and vodka. But a glass or two of wine a week IS good. I've seen it myself. There is a world of difference between someone who drinks two glasses of wine a week for relaxation and some antioxidants, and an alcoholic. I feel like I lost 20 IQ points reading some of these comments.
  • For me, having 'functional' alcoholic parents, my brother and I have somewhat grown up saying that would never be us.
    The thing for me, is that as a teenager, I always did what I was told to not do. I found myself liking the taste of liquor.
    No, I never drove while intoxicated, (only 1 dui).
    Long story short, I have been alcohol free for almost 6 years.
    It's hard when you prefer for the individual to have that bottle, because without it there mood and attitude is horrible.
  • First of all (after reading all of the comments) this article is JUST informational (it is not implying or pushing that you must drink one drink a day!) for those of you who choose not to wasn't a message to you saying that you should or you need to drink one drink a day. Lighten up!
    Now for those of us who enjoy a glass of wine every now and again. I enjoyed this article. Do I think drinking is healthy? NO! Will I still have my glass of wine every now and again...yes!

    Oh my an article can send people into an uproar. It is just an article...simply that.

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