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The Worst Reasons to Work Out

Stay Motivated by Exercising for the Right Reasons


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  • Some subtle differences here, each one a valuable insight. Thanks.
  • I think there are no bad reasons to exercise, and this opinionated "article" won't change my mind. I workout because I am tired of being fat, I hate what I saw in the mirror, and diet alone was not enough. I have never enjoyed exercise... why do I you think I got fat? ha ha. If reading, practicing magic tricks, and playing harmonica could help me lose weight I would gladly throw away my workout clothes. It is stupid articles like this that keep so many people from getting fit. Whatever motivates you - use it!
  • I workout for EXACTLY these 5 reasons--And I WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO! There is not such thing as "BAD REASON" to exercise!!! Whatever gets you off your butt & moving is a GREAT reason! :)
  • Worst article ever
  • My reasons for exercise were exactly what was said in this article. To stay healthy, looking good, feel positive, and eat my favorite food (red meat- not junk) without feeling guilty. Some time on scheduled gym day I felt really tired, but I went to the gym and turned out to have one of the best workout. My gym workout actually saved my life. I was layoff many times during Christmas and would feel really depressed. I went to gym everyday and stay healthy, it gave me energy to a new life. To me a bad day in the gym was better than a day off. There was no negative day for exercise.
    I think the risk of exercising for the "wrong" reason is that some people may be inclined to overdo it, which could lead to burn-out or injuries. It's great to be motivated, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing.
  • SHAHAI16
    I think any reason to exercise is a good one, even if it begins for selfish reasons. My boyfriend has gotten in better shape from going to the gym with me, but he admitted his main motivation is being able to eat what he wants and not get fat lol. Getting healthier was basically a bonus for him. I should mention he's actually trying to gain weight (muscle) but he eats fast food almost everyday and is still underweight because he can't eat much at one time. I can't lose weight, but am also more fit than I used to be.
    I can see the author's point, but I don't think it needs to be published, since it's simply her opinion. IMHO, any reason a person has that gets them to exercise is a good one. Any motivation to get off the couch and turn off the TV to get moving is good.

    I really don't like focusing on the negative, and telling people why they shouldn't exercise is a big negative for me - and it's DEMOTIVATING!!!!

    There are some days that I don't want to exercise, but I force myself to do it. So, I don't need another person telling me that I am exercising for the wrong reasons.
    I say so what if I started to exercise for the wrong reason, at least I am exercising and may change my reasons to better ones as I feel better and look better.
  • Didn't find this very motivating, but then not sure that was the point. I work out b/c it gets my mind off other things. I exercise to find some time alone to process. I exercise to lose weight. When playing the guitar burns as much calories as traditional exercise, I'll do it for other reasons.
  • I do wish people would stop saying "find an activity you like and do it". The activities I like are reading, playing the piano and singing. I don't enjoy exercising. I do it because I have to and I loathe every minute of it.
  • I would counter that there's no such thing as a bad reason to exercise.
  • While I agree that these shouldn't be long term reasons to exercise - in the begining any reason that gets you started is worth it!
  • Wow, I think I'm guilty of pretty much all of those ...
  • Well, there go all my reasons to work out.

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