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No More Boring Oatmeal!

20 Ways to Turn Ordinary Oats into Something Special


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    Love oatmeal! I have a bowl most mornings. Quick to fix and delicious. And funny enough my dear mother would, as a child, practically have to force me.
  • Quaker now has "perfect portion" with no sugar, LOVE IT. I add 1 1/2 TBLS Peanut butter, ups my protein, and OH so good!!! YUMMMMM, eating breakfast now!
    I remember, as a kid, Thursday mornings were always oatmeal days. My Mom had to cook them on the stove. (It was the 60's!) I use the microwave; old-fashioned oats only take 3 minutes! It's true, they can boil over easily in the microwave and make a mess, the trick to avoiding this is to use a wide, shallow bowl (like a soup bowl) instead of a regular cereal bowl.
  • JNJ300
    I sometimes mix in a flavored protein powder with my oatmeal.
  • I love steel cut oats. They have a firmer texture and nutty flavor that keeps me full till lunch. Yum!
  • I love oatmeal and this article gives some good ideas/recipes for fixing it. I might try making some steel cut oats ahead of time and freezing them for future breakfasts.
  • Try Country Choice oatmeal. Good stuff!
  • I tried oatmeal but I just can't handle it.
    I eat oatmeal every day. We call it porridge here in the UK. The easiest way to make it is in the microwave. It means you can still use the unprocessed variety but it doesn't take as long and you don't have the saucepan to deal with! I use half a cup of oats per person to 3 cups of milk and water (in any ratio you like). Make sure you put everything in a big enough container. Microwave on full power until it comes to the boil. That's about 2 minutes for one portion. Then leave it to stand while you go and have a shower, walk the dog, etc. Microwave again to heat and its ready. It takes some experimenting until you get the timings right because it can easily spill over the dish. People also prefer different consistencies. But once you have worked it out its so easy and quick.
  • Good article. I always forget about oatmeal. Thanks for the slow cooker recipe - I'm going to try it tonight. Much better than the sugary, expensive packets.
  • I love savoury oatmeals! I used to add an egg, a pinch of salt, pepper and some herbs(if I have them) to my rolled oats for breakfast or lunch. But if you're a vegetarian or you prefer soy protein, add slightly mashed tofu (the silky soft type) instead of an egg. You can sneak in some leafy greens (eg. spinach) as well. I know this sounds a little weird, but if sweet oatmeal isn't your thing, this is worth trying.
  • I like my oatmeal soaked overnight in yogurt and I add fruit the next morning. I do not like the smell of cooked oats.
    Wow made this last night and i hate oatmeal (only ever had box packets fully of crap) This was amazing I love it! Going to be making it a LOT apples smelled soooo good! I made it on high for 4 hours turned out amazing!
  • Raisins and maple syrup is the bomb.
  • That's amazing. I'll be sure to copy these down so I can try them by tomorrow. Excited already.

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