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Eating with Diabetes: Party Food

Celebration Tips for People with Diabetes


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    I haven't attended a party yet, but was dreading it.
  • Very helpful to someone that's just learning about diabetes
    Good information.
  • With Easter fast approaching, this article will help us to stay on track! It's a reminder that carbs do matter. We have to think before we load our plates with foods that harm us.
  • I went low carb and higher fat, and now my blood sugar is not a problem, and I am off the meds. No more processed foods is the golden ticket.
    I only leave a comment for the points unless it is a recipe of great importance.
  • Whatever happened to the concept that if you eat fast burning carbs, they quickly get used and leave you craving more fast burning carbs, feeling weak and jittery. So you want to eat very slow burning carbs, which raise and lower your blood sugar slow and gently, over many hours, causing you a prolonged full feeling, long lasting energy, keeping your blood sugar low, and making you feel good, without cravings.

    It makes a huge difference which kind of carbs you eat, although somewhat modified by the other foods you eat with it.

    Unless this information is no longer true, the author has done a huge disservice in making it sound like all carbs are the same. Simple carbs burn fast and get you in trouble. You want to eat complex carbs. For example, a soda pop is going to burn up in your system in something like twenty minutes, while some green beans are going to take something like four hours, or so I've been told. That pop is going to give you a sudden jolt of energy followed by a feeling akin to jetlag and a craving for more soda or something else sweet a few minutes after you drink it and your blood sugar will spiral out of control if you follow your urges that it will spiral you into. Stay away from fast burning, simple carbohydrates, party or no party, because you'll be fighting off those urges for days.
  • While this is a GREAT article and I feel it is good advise and removes some myths, the reason why I choose to use only artificial sweeteners, such as Stevia, is that I am addicted to sugar. It only takes one small piece of candy corn and I've awakened the desire to eat nothing except sugary foods, cakes, cookies, candy, pie, anything with sugar and nothing else. Since I have lived long enough to now be faced with the consequences of that type of eating, I am fighting pre-diabetes, which will one day change to full-blown diabetes and I will no longer be able to claim I am living just below the line. Believe me, it is a struggle to not eat sugar because it is hidden in all packaged foods and even in some foods that are not from a packing house.

    It took me 4 weeks to stop dreaming about the next binge of sugar. I took another 3 weeks of getting past the longing for sugar every time I saw something with sugar and start telling myself, look the other way, think of something other than food immediately. I had to learn to have a "go-to picture" in my mind to "change the subject" every time the cookie tray came by.

    Sugar, to me, was the same as tobacco, drugs, or alcohol to others. I used to think I didn't have any addictions, but sugar is the one I have. And I am no different than those that have other addictions. Yes, I have cravings for sugar that creep into my thoughts, and I have to go do some kind of workout for my brain to get beyond the craving and I hate them, but I can win.

    Thanks for the info on this article. I really appreciate it.
  • Good information. Bottom line---plan to be successful!
  • I thought this was a great article. I learned some things from this.
  • A really helpful article full of great information that is very useable. Thanks!
    Great article. I always offer to bring a dish or even two so I can have something healthy there to eat and so can the other guests.
  • Great information in this article!!!!!! I've got to save this information.
  • Wow this is one of my favorite articles ever because it is so easy to understand! I come from a family of diabetics and believed all the old myths- sugar is the only culprit, it would kill a diabetic but everything else was ok, etc. Now I have learned from this article that I could have been setting myself up for diabetes by thinking that if I avoid sugars I will be fine. Really needed this info!!!

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