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Are Your Fitness Goals Realistic?

Forget Failure. Set Yourself Up for Success!


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  • Wonderful suggestions..........Thank You.
  • Good info, thanks
  • A lot of good ideas. If it doesn't work for you, there are still kernels of truth to be gleaned.
  • A lot of good examples. For someone starting New, they would not have thought "I want to lose weight was not specific enough. Article gave us some homeworkiseems.t
    I had a problem with this line: "If reaching your goal requires five workouts a week, but you can only get a babysitter two days a week, then you need to scale back your goal." Bad example. I've been active on Sparkpeople for a few months now, and have seen myriads of articles and tips, even a challenge about finding time for workouts at home. You don't need a babysitter to workout! I get the gist of the article, but this poor example ruined the rest of the article for me.
  • A good article...providing great advice along with solid tips and information. So often we forget that a journey has a beginning, most would start if we honestly had a clue where to begin. This article provides that. I have evolved into a workout warrior, yet I fumbled along in the beginning as a morbidly obese person with two fake knees and high cholesterol. If someone had told me that ten minutes a day could change my life?! No words, but it can, it does, it will...time for me now to set some fitness goals. Long overdue...
  • Good advice. I slipped out of my exercise and fitness routine several months ago and put on a few pounds. I was in a mind set where I thought I should be working out at least an hour a day. Instead of varying my workout or shortening it by 15 minutes or half an hour or so, I just stopped. Then I visited my younger sister and did intense 30 minute workouts online by a woman named Rumi. They were cardio with calisthenics. I enjoyed them and returned home and did more. Oct. 1, I joined the SPARK program and by combining different videos and challenges I generally workout between 30-45 minutes a day. I intensify my workouts with 5lb. weights in each hand. I look forward to my daily workouts and healthy eating with much more energy than before. I didn't think I could do this and feel so great at the same time! Thanks, SPARK and fellow members for the great inspiration and good tips on setting realistic goals.
  • Great article. That's what I really like about SP. They teach you to take baby steps. Woohoo!! Thanks SP for all the great information!!
  • One thing that I love and appreciate about Spark People is to make small goals and add. Thank you for reminding me again.
  • I think that there's a difference between setting unreasonable goals with a short time frame and shooting for the stars... eventually.

    My weight loss goal is 110 pounds. Some may think that's unreasonable. I don't think that it is though, because I've realized that it might take years, perhaps decades, to get there. I don't plan on giving up on this goal though.

    I have shorter-term goals, like running a 5k next month (I've been training for it for a couple of months already) and hiking a 14er, perhaps next year, but if I can't get there next summer, then I'll shoot for the summer after that. I take steps to reach these other goals regularly. The road to health is a marathon, not a sprint... although I may choose to sprint on occasion along the way.
  • I like to workout every day. It helps with your metabolism. Mine is on fire!
  • too bad there is no example about food.
  • I am going to rejoin a gym that I used to use and love.
  • The suggestion to "never increase your weight more than 10 percent in any given week" is unreasonable for those of us who are lifting any weights less than 50 pounds, or for those machines that only go up in 10 pound increments when we lift under 100 pounds.

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