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Are Your Fitness Goals Realistic?

Forget Failure. Set Yourself Up for Success!


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  • Time to revisit the issue and make new ones.
    90 days ago I started out at 5 minutes on the treadmill, now I do 100 minutes a day
  • Needed this today.
  • Thank you for the info.. I have set realistic goals as well
    Thank you for the ideas.
  • Older post, but a goodie!
  • Wonderful suggestions..........Thank You.
  • Good info, thanks
  • A lot of good ideas. If it doesn't work for you, there are still kernels of truth to be gleaned.
  • A lot of good examples. For someone starting New, they would not have thought "I want to lose weight was not specific enough. Article gave us some homeworkiseems.t
    I had a problem with this line: "If reaching your goal requires five workouts a week, but you can only get a babysitter two days a week, then you need to scale back your goal." Bad example. I've been active on Sparkpeople for a few months now, and have seen myriads of articles and tips, even a challenge about finding time for workouts at home. You don't need a babysitter to workout! I get the gist of the article, but this poor example ruined the rest of the article for me.
  • A good article...providing great advice along with solid tips and information. So often we forget that a journey has a beginning, most would start if we honestly had a clue where to begin. This article provides that. I have evolved into a workout warrior, yet I fumbled along in the beginning as a morbidly obese person with two fake knees and high cholesterol. If someone had told me that ten minutes a day could change my life?! No words, but it can, it does, it will...time for me now to set some fitness goals. Long overdue...
  • Good advice. I slipped out of my exercise and fitness routine several months ago and put on a few pounds. I was in a mind set where I thought I should be working out at least an hour a day. Instead of varying my workout or shortening it by 15 minutes or half an hour or so, I just stopped. Then I visited my younger sister and did intense 30 minute workouts online by a woman named Rumi. They were cardio with calisthenics. I enjoyed them and returned home and did more. Oct. 1, I joined the SPARK program and by combining different videos and challenges I generally workout between 30-45 minutes a day. I intensify my workouts with 5lb. weights in each hand. I look forward to my daily workouts and healthy eating with much more energy than before. I didn't think I could do this and feel so great at the same time! Thanks, SPARK and fellow members for the great inspiration and good tips on setting realistic goals.

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