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Success Story VIDEO: Running Down 120 Pounds

How Running Could Change Your Life


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  • This is so inspirational!!! Thank you for this!!! - 5/30/2016 10:11:25 AM
    Wow. Ben's video struck a nerve and really resonated with me. I'm tearfully typing these comments because I can truly relate to his beginning and middle - I am still working toward achieving my end goal. I seemed to have hit a plateau and the weight isn't coming off that quickly any more, but this video has inspired me not to call it quits; even though that little voice in my head keeps telling me to just give up. Thanks to Ben for sharing such an amazing success story and giving me the encouragement and push I needed. - 5/7/2016 7:05:40 PM
  • OMG! What an awesome inspiration this IS for me. I am so in awe of him and very encouraged. Thank you for sharing this Spark People. - 4/21/2016 9:40:40 AM
  • DDB0416
    Inspirational! Just what I needed to see today. - 9/2/2015 8:53:31 PM
  • Wow! Thank you for the inspiration. - 8/8/2015 10:55:00 PM
  • CHICHI1979
    Ben I loved your video. You are inspiring me to get up and do something. Not to let stress and being depressed keep me down. Thank you Ironman!!! Keep up the good work. Congratulations on your accomplishment. - 6/16/2015 7:34:01 PM
  • Thank you for sharing your story Ben,you are amazing and you are an Ironman.congratulations for your success. - 6/16/2015 1:18:44 PM
  • Absolutely wonderful! Congratulations on the success and on finding happiness once again! This was truly inspiring to me, and is something I needed to see. Thank you for sharing. - 6/16/2015 2:43:29 AM
  • So motivating! LOVE this!!! Way to go BEN!!! Thanks for sharing!!! - 6/11/2015 10:18:22 AM
  • WOW!! That's what I say, WOW! Ben, you are indeed motivating, Thanks so much for the video. - 6/9/2015 11:46:21 AM
  • Fantastic Ben! You are in inspiration to all! - 6/9/2015 10:30:01 AM
  • This was absolutely awesome. I am in tears right now and I don't even fully know why. Thanks so much - this was JUST what I needed to see today. - 6/9/2015 3:55:40 AM
  • What an inspiration! keep on going Ben - 4/15/2015 9:31:08 AM
  • WYATT18
    Thanks Ben- shed more than a few tears at this amazing video and story!! Wow- There is nothing "ordinary" about you. Well done !! - 3/22/2015 8:41:51 PM
    Wow! what an amazing inspiration to us all. Well done . - 8/13/2014 3:51:25 AM

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