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VIDEO: Running Down 120 Pounds

How Running Can Change Your Life


  • What an inspiration! keep on going Ben - 4/15/2015 9:31:08 AM
  • WYATT18
    Thanks Ben- shed more than a few tears at this amazing video and story!! Wow- There is nothing "ordinary" about you. Well done !! - 3/22/2015 8:41:51 PM
    Wow! what an amazing inspiration to us all. Well done . - 8/13/2014 3:51:25 AM
  • SCOOTER001
    Thanks Ben! You went beyond bringing tears ,I cried . I needed motivation and it's hard to have it sometimes. Thant you I know it wasn't a easy journey. Good luck - 8/11/2014 11:56:50 AM
    Way to go Ben! You are truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing! - 6/4/2014 5:26:48 PM
  • Great article. I really hate running, but know it has the potential to help. My feet and knees hurt when I do it, but I'm thinking about getting a new pair of shoes and trying it again as I always sweat better and lose weight better when I do it. Currently back up to 316... - 5/13/2014 2:54:50 PM
    WOW, I love your story! You totally inspired me. So proud of you!! - 4/20/2014 2:33:18 PM
  • Thanks, Ben. I have a physical disability and sometimes get discouraged. Today I wanted to skip the gym but this reminded me that I work out in order to do all the other things that make life worth it. Journey, Hope and Love. - 4/1/2014 2:34:11 PM
  • Awesome Ben! I love running - 4/1/2014 12:32:49 PM
    I loved this. Thank you Ben for the inspiration! I'm going to keep reminding myself that if I want to do it, all I have to do is do it. - 4/1/2014 10:57:44 AM
  • Dang it sparkpeople! Your inspiring videos make me cry every time! - 3/5/2014 4:05:08 PM
  • RESTART1125
    Thanks Ben,
    Just like the others this made me teary eye as well. Thanks I can do this I got this!!! - 2/28/2014 6:49:17 PM
    You are amazing, Ben! Thanks for sharing your incredible journey! And, yes, it brought tears to me as well. Happy tears!! - 2/16/2014 12:02:26 PM
  • What an inspiration. Just Do it! Great video--made me think about the limits I've placed on myself by not trying. Thank you for reminding me anything is possible if I make the effort. - 2/10/2014 8:34:28 PM
  • Wow. This made me teary eyed. Great video. Thanks for sharing.
    - 2/10/2014 7:19:21 PM

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