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15 Natural Mood Lifters

Quick and Easy Ways to Lift Your Spirit


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    Thank you so much!^^

    This really helped get me stay happy throughout the day!
  • Staying positive has always helped me. These points are very essential to all of us. Thank you for sharing.
  • This is a terrific article and what I needed today.

    Thank you SP!
  • I love these ideas! Sometimes, a smile in the right direction really can change the day!

    But as someone with bipolar disorder, I will say that doing positive things can make me feel better. But I can always tell when I am having one of my downswings and not just a blue mood because faking it doesn't make me feel better, it makes me feel tired, and thus more bad moody.
  • Just read this for not the first time. Got another idea to take away. I love these articles! thank you.
    This is a great article and some wonderful tips!
  • Great article. Thanks for the great info.
  • Fantastic article. I'll be calling on this often!
  • I loved reading this article! I just joined the site today, and this is definitely some great advice for me!!
  • In the summer, working in the garden, especially picking flowers and blueberries that I grew, instantly lifts my mood. I try to head into the garden every day. Seeing the changes in nature and spotting a hummingbird or other wildlife is an instant mood booster!
  • I really loved this article!
  • I enjoyed this article. Yes its lengthy, but informative. Thanks SP, keep sparking!
  • I beg to differ with EEGINER, below. I found this article, and all others I have read on the site, to be of optimal length. I think the article has no excess verbiage, and if a person wanted to skim to the "fine points," one could skim down to the numbered list which is quite concise.

    I wonder if EEGINER stands for "engineer" of some sort. I have to confess that most engineers I am acquainted with are scientific minded, and not really into "words"/verbal expression, and so forth. I, on the othe hand, really love all types of work-smithing.

    If fact, I am usually guilty of producing far too much verbiage, especially when writing.

    But, back to the point: Thank you for the excellent suggestions.

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