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  • SPARKS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE, I have lost 5 pounds in 1 month and I feel strong about this new "life change'" and I feel like I can do this!!! It is easy once you learn how to use the site, and you build confidence as you go! I am so glad someone at the pool introduced me to 'Sparks', only wish I would see her again to give her the credit! I also pray everyday that God will give me the strength to stay on course. I tell everyone I meet about Sparks, and this way I am even more committed to keep moving forward! Loosing weight is a 'life changing' experience, you have to change, or you won't loose and you will just keep gaining!!!!!!!!!!! - 1/21/2014 7:19:12 AM
  • I have tried several attempts at different diet plans and even have belonged to this Sparks site for years! I go to a TOPS group where I live and attend faithfully for what -maybe the past 5 years !~ BUT AND I MEAN BUT I can't stick with anything!
    I live in the northern part of Ontario, Canada and find the weather, bugs and road conditions very bad. I start walking and then stop because we need to worry about running into a bear or the black flies and too much snow in the winter. I do have lots of company off and on because we are considered a tourist area and that really throws me off and I need to start again and again and again for whatever reasons. Same problem with the diets or should I say the trying to eat healthier. I do and I don't!
    We do have a lot of property and have room to snowmobile in the winter and snowshoe or even toboggan down our driveway as our home is on a hill. We do not live close enough to have an exercise buddy!! I will just keep trying!! - 9/1/2008 12:57:14 PM
  • I started at FitDay and it was okay. I lasted there about a week. Then I switched to CalorieCount and stayed there for just over 3 months, I didn't mind the calorie counter or the fitness tracker much, except that entering new foods was a pain.

    I initially signed up for SP in January and it didn't catch me at first. But as I tried to use the forums on CalorieCount, I was disappointed by the widely varied and suspect quality of the information on their site... and their forums just seemed to be full of a bunch of whiny wannabes and arguing over how people disagreed with one another. It seemed neither constructive or helpful.

    So I came back to SP in April and haven't looked back! It has been a great experience here. Everyone is super supportive and reaches out to others. The sheer encouragement here at SP is just amazing, as is the sheer number of articles and resources.

    I have 9 friends who have signed up now! - 8/5/2008 2:41:43 PM
  • I began this journey with the South Beach Diet but didn't subscribe to their website, as it was unnecessary. When I found my enthusiasm waning, I was fortunate that my employers brought Weight Watchers at Work to our jobsite and that was a tremendous help to me. I remain a member of Weight Watchers and wouldn't miss my Saturday morning meeting for love or money...but, even though I'm entitled to use their website to track my food (and there is a great deal on WW's Etools that is enormously helpful and it's chock full of information, I have found that is a much better "fit" for me. Go figure: I pay for Etools but exclusively use! It is simply easier for me to track here and "user-friendly" doesn't begin to describe the ease I've found here....easy to navigate from one area to the next, a marvelous tracker system for my meals as well as my exercise program. And the articles! SparkPeople is, bar none, the greatest health aid on the web! - 2/25/2008 9:20:46 PM
  • As a diabetic I must count carbohydrates and although Weight Watchers is a great program and a life long eating program I wasnt quite sure how to convert points to carbohydrates. I agree with the other emailer that this is a better plan - 2/2/2008 12:44:55 PM
  • Great article. I, too, have tried FitDay, eDiets, and others but didn't want to pay for on-line help. When you pay it always seems like getting your money is all the group cares about. I love Sparkpeople because it is FREE and I come here daily out of my own want. - 1/10/2008 11:44:40 AM
  • I agree wholeheartedly with SFELTNER that this site is superior to others in that it is so comprehensive, offers almost limitless educational resources, and costs no money. I know that when I paid for on or off line diets I too felt quilty if I didn't use them to the max but now that I don't pay, I use sparkpeople all the time, almost an addiction. Also, Sparkpeople is not just about diet, it is a total lifestyle change. However,it is not for everyone, as neither my husband nor daughter want any part of it. They are doing their own thing which is okay with me. - 1/10/2008 7:12:18 AM

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