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60-Second Health and Fitness Boosters

Simple Ways to Improve Your Health--Almost Instantly!


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  • Lots of good suggestions. Thanks - 9/13/2016 3:59:50 AM
  • It is amazing what a simple compliment can do for someone you don't know. And it is a great antidote to all the hate going around in the world today. - 6/21/2016 9:26:05 AM
  • I think it's going to be "Drop down and give me two, soldier!" - 5/24/2016 10:56:07 AM
  • When I am at the grocery store, I find a person to interact with - a Mother with a cute baby, a gentleman looking for a particular item, occasionally someone i know, or whatever. And, have been so encouraged by the interaction with that person. And, perhaps, I even added a bright spot to their day. - 5/12/2016 1:02:53 PM
  • Thank you. I am smiling! - 4/6/2016 12:45:42 PM
  • I like the 60 second health booster list and I do a lot of them. Lately, it has been listen to a song and go outside and drinking water and thinking of things I like about myself instead of just things I hate about myself and others. I was happy to see so many things that I am doing. - 2/27/2016 3:01:18 AM
  • Regular jumping jacks and push-ups are out of the question for me, but I learned a modified chair jumping jack, and can substitute wall push-ups sometimes.

    Great variety of suggestions! - 1/31/2016 9:40:20 AM
  • great tips a gratitude list is something i do often . helps me get over my pity parties - 1/24/2016 12:42:03 AM
    One thing you mentioned was to compliment a stranger. That sounds like it wouldn't make you feel healthier but you would be wrong. Every time I go out of my way to compliment someone it makes me feel more alive and everyone needs a word of encouragement at some time. I see someone with dropping shoulders suddenly stand or sit taller and smile and I know that I've made us both happy. It doesn't cost a thing so why not try this? - 1/12/2016 9:08:08 AM
  • Anyone can do this! Especially me! - 11/15/2015 10:46:38 AM
  • Uplifting article - most all of us can do at least some of these things every day. I'm copying a list to put in my day book as a daily reminder. Thanks! - 10/20/2015 10:22:09 AM
  • Great article and good info. I can't do them all, but I can do most of them!! - 10/8/2015 9:16:36 AM
  • ditto ....good stuff :) - 9/15/2015 1:10:49 PM
    I cannot do the jumping jacks or the pushups, but I can certainly do everything and I appreciate the list. - 6/24/2015 1:27:33 PM
  • Ohh I loved this list--- I sit at my desk with better posture. I'm ready to smile at everyone, and I just sprayed my office with lovely aroma (aromatherapy) yes!
    Thank you! - 6/16/2015 2:19:58 PM

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