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The Sneaky Calories You're Sipping On

Rethink Your Drink


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  • I make my own coffee at home and add 1% milk, that's it. I drink two cups a day and the calories are minimal.
    Good information.
  • I was a huge coffee drinker when I started here in Feb. I loved Starbuck's. I am happy to say I have broken that addiction. I still enjoy 2-3 cups a day, made at home using almond milk , SF syrup, SF foaming syrup and occasionally SF creamer. My favorite is to incorporate my protein powder into my coffee with an immersion blender - voila - frothy, taste latte!
  • The one beverage I consider worth the calories is Matcha Tea. This green tea has 5 g of fiber! It also has a bunch of other nutritional and health benefits packed into it, based on several studies, so I feel good about the content.
  • I guess I'm lucky because I've never really had much of a taste for soda and I like water. I do enjoy my two cups of black coffee in the morning. It's a wake up time for me.
  • try seltzer water. It comes in different flavors and has no sugar..
  • I guess I am lucky that I never touch soda or fruit drinks, Have no idea what a Latte tastes like. But I do love my coffee and iced tea. I use splenda after researching what was the best option but I truly dislike water. How sad..I do not like water and it gives me a stomach ache. I have tried putting a few lemon slices or lime or cucumber. Does not help.
  • Soda has no redeeming attributes and is so addictive. We really need to watch what we drink!
  • For over 30 years I was totally addicted to Diet Pepsi drinking a minimum of 12 cans a day my average was 16-18 a day. I honestly could not imagine life without a can in my hand. In Dec I got very very ill. After numerous tests, medical procedures, blood work, sonograms, X-rays, cat scam and MRI's they finally did a stool sample. I had a severe case of salmonella poising. While I was ill i was drinking tons of water as I was very dehydrated constantly. Now I only drink 2-3 Diet Pepsi's per week and to be honest I usually never finish a can as I no longer love the taste! I drink 100-128 oz of water per day and love it!
  • I've been sticking to water once again. I'm adding lemon slices, orange slices, and on occasion cucumber in my water. Makes for a great taste.
  • I've started sucking down water. I hate plain water so I usually steep herbal tea in it so it has some flavor. No sugar. 2 cups of coffee on work days, 1 spoon of sugar. Rest of the time it's unsweetened tea or lemon zinger with a spoonful of honey. I can't tolerate artificial sweeteners so I had to give up my diet sodas years ago and now I find regular soda too sweet. NEVER thought that would happen to me.
  • If I drink juice, it's Tropicana50, which has half the sugar, and I drink only 4 oz. Lately I've cut this, too. I have taken to drinking flavored Poland Spring sparkling water and quit buying even diet soda (haven't drunk regular sugary soda in decades). My morning beverage starts with a tall glass. I fill that with 1 package of stevia, a splash of sugar free hazelnut or caramel syrup, an inch of skim Lactaid milk and about 6 oz. of unsweetened Starbucks refrigerated coffee. Other than a very small splash of Lactaid skim milk to moisten my cereal, that's it for milk for the day. If I'm thirsty throughout the day, I drink the Poland Spring flavored water. It does the trick.
  • I clicked on the "calorie comparison chart" and all I get is a series of ads for coke? Is it me or is the link now wrong?
  • I'm with salty chocolate (but don't like salty chocolate). Black is the ONLY way to drink coffee. Froo-froo coffee is well over the top on everything, especially price. If I want vanilla, I'll have vanilla ice cream and enjoy it once and awhile. I seldom drink juice - doesn't quench thirst.. I do drink diet soda but limit myself, wish I could say for health-for me its cost. It's not good for me, but I do like it. We also drink seltzer water by the gallon. Same fizz but low sodium.
  • I don't drink any of those. I drink my coffee black; I've never been into any of those coffee drinks. Seltzer water is great and there are some really interesting flavors out there.

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