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Non-Dairy Alternatives to Cow's Milk

How Do They Compare Nutritionally?


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  • As a drinkable-use for cereal type of milk replacement, I find the Unsweetened Vanilla Hemp milk is both tasty, readibly available locally without having to purchase it somewhere special, and without additives which I avoid due to allergies.
  • I've found 2% milk, organic, works for me...more satisfying than skim and the fat helps curb my appetite. Usually I drink it after a workout.
  • I'm deathly allergic to dairy. Years and years ago I used to use MochaMix as an alternative although they are not truly non-dairy anymore because they are made in a place that still does dairy. I generally do Almond milk but it's gotten so hard to find locally so I end up with coconut milk from a company based out of Oregon (that also does a 100% non-dairy ice cream made from coconut milk too!).
  • Soy is my preferred alternative to cow's milk but soy does bad things to me if I eat too much. I need the protein though. I have never seen oat milk, I will have to look for it next time I am at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.
  • I always buy unsweetened plain soy milk (Trader Joe's and Whole Foods have great, super cheap store brands) because I like the protein punch soy gives vs. the others. I sometimes worry about getting too much processed soy in my diet between this and tofu, though, so I try not to have soy every day.
    Good comparison, I can see how the choices would be daunting at first. I'm vegan and avoid milk mostly for ethical reasons (in addition to it being absolutely disgusting and full of chemicals, hormones, blood, pus, etc.) Vanilla unsweetened almond milk is my favorite, just as easy to find as soy milk, and often times cheaper than cow's milk.

    I do want to add one thing: vegans need to be careful with D-fortification because most products use D3, which is derived from animal skin. D2 is the plant-sourced version. D2 supplements are very cheap and alleviate the need to rely on fortified foods that probably use D3.

    We can thank the Big Ag dairy lobbyists for making people think cow's milk is a healthy and necessary staple in our diets. Once you research how unhealthy milk really is (HUGE contributor to cancer), you'll see cow's milk is NOT a high-standard food we should strive to duplicate. Thank goodness there are so many other truly healthy products we can consume instead.

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