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Sick Day Tips for People with Diabetes

Control Your Blood Sugar and Get Well


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  • Thanks for the tips
    Very good to know. Thanks so much!

    I have to give up watching movie in Netflix to follow exercise and be on diet.
  • Very informative article, thanks for sharing!
  • Thank You for a very informative article.
  • At least for T2 diabetics, this advice is awful. You need fluids, but if your body doesn't want food, why drive up blood sugar levels pushing it in.

    And, if you're T2 and your blood sugar drops too low when you don't eat even though your body is going through processes that drive blood sugar upward, maybe that's a sign that you're medicating your regular diet and should change what you eat when you feel better, too.

    I second what DOGMANDAVE said, "Go watch Dr. Sarah Hallberg," or pay a visit to
    Great preparation ideas
  • It is extremely important to NOT take your regular medication doses if you are not eating due to illness. This can put you into a dangerously low blood sugar requiring emergency care. This happened to me twice. Please contact your Dr if you are not eating for assistance on how to handle diabetes medication.
  • I am not a diabetic yet, but I am sure it is coming. Both parents had it and all my grandparents had it. Some of my family was not good at controlling it, eating the wrong things while not properly monitoring their sugar, yet they survived to old age.

    As a child, I was raised on Grandma's Sweet n Low, but I hope that I can manage it better since there is more knowledge and resources out there for diabetics.

    Thanks for writing this article. It was a great reminder for me.
    Bad advice. No distinction among the types of diabetes. To be better informed, look for info from Dr. Sarah Hallberg.
  • Thanks for the information. I don't drink soda but I do coffee. I didn't know that about coffee. Good article.
  • Diet soda and caffeinated drinks are not healthy suggestions for someone trying to hydrate. Caffeine dehydrates you, and diet soda chemicals are very unhealthy, not to mention addicting and make you crave more sugar.
    Though I don't have diabetes, I know many who do, and I'll be sure to pass on this valuable information to them. Thank you!
    Nice to know now, patella fracture meaning cannot exercise for at least 21 days

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