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No More Exercise Excuses!

Busting 5 Common Workout Excuses


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  • I am always too busy!! This is my favorite excuse. I really need to change my thinking, I am going to start putting ME first!
  • My excuse is usually about a lack of time. This school year, during my lunch break, I've started doing a quick 10-minute workout at the end of the period...anything...walking, pushups, whatever. It makes me feel a little better during the day and keeps me in the right mindset.
  • This is a great article... it defines me all the way through...

    I literally had no time to exercise, and squeezed it in by starting with 10 minutes of walking which eventually pushed up to 15 minutes and did this a few times a day. I HAD TO! I had become such a couch potato... ugh! Hate how I look, how I feel...

    So now, I am no longer employed full time, and I have 20 hours a week that are mine to do with as I please. How cool is that. I have a close friend who is like a daughter to me, and she is dragging me to the gym with her. She is getting married in a month and I am singing at her wedding, but we have been there for each other for a couple years now... met through church and music ministry. She is my own daughters age, a year younger, and we get along so well... love her to pieces. So glad she is my friend!

    So, I digress here... the article. It has great tips and ways to work around the exercise blahs... and putting off exercise until the end of the day is a big mistake, I did that, and it will never happen since you are already exhausted from the days work.

    I always worked out first thing in the morning and felt better because of it, so I am resetting my own mindset to refocus on my goals in a different way.

    Earlier to bed... rising earlier to get in the workout. I can do at home. I have a treadmill, I have pilates "thing", a kettlebell and I have exercise bands, NO EXCUSES!
    This is great advice for this stage of my life. But I am wondering how I am going to fit in exercise once I have kids. It's hard enough now with a full-time job, a two hour commute, and a house to take care of.
  • Stopped reading mid-article and went for a walk!!
  • Great Article! It defines what I go through on a DAILY basis fighting my battle with myself. Thank You!
  • I use these excuses because after reading this it just hit me I'm just LAZY!
  • These excuses are so true!!
  • Fantastic list! We should all have this available somewhere we can easily see it.
  • Way to hit the nail on the head, especially with the "I don't have time" excuse. I really believe you have time for whatever your real priorities are, and if you make fitness a real priority, you WILL find time!

    Renting DVDs from the local library is a great idea! And the truth is, the nobody-pays-attention-anyway mindset is correct, for the most part. However, if you're overweight and at the gym, and I've noticed you, it's not because I'm judging you, it's because I'm mentally cheering you on.
    To save money, you can just go for a walk or rent fitness DVDs at your local public library. :)
  • I used to be intimidated about going to the gym, but I realized that half the people looked the way I want to look, and half the people look the way I do now! The 'no one pays attention to you anyway' mindset is dead on. I do this for me, and I compete with me, and if you're doing the same thing in the same place, the more the merrier.
    While it *might* be safe to watch TV while on a treadmill, I do not believe this is true if you are lifting weights. In order to have proper form and to lift safely, even if it is a light weight, you need full concentration. The exception is if you are watching a workout video and following along.
    One of the best articles I've read thus far. Sad to admit but I am an excuse maker this article makes me accountable! I am printing this and keeping it with me.

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