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7 Good Reasons to Smile

When You Smile, the World Smiles Back



11/10/2011 7:10:19 AM

i'm a hpnotist and this article is perfect for what we have known and believed for years. A smile starts you off in the right direction and as you continue to do so it spreads from person to person. A day , a life, a moment is transformed through the power of your smile. When your mind believes that all is well----All is well. Thanks for the great work you do. In case you can't see it, I'm smiling as i write this and know you are smiling as you read it. Have a cheer filled day.


11/2/2011 2:43:46 PM

What a great article!:)


10/28/2011 7:44:19 PM

MYTURN11's SparkPage
Great Article ~ when running, smiling and making eye contact w/ folks going the opposite direction makes both of our days much nicer!


10/28/2011 9:02:11 AM

No kidding, Jennipher - this WORKS! Thanks for your (smiling) thoughts :)


10/7/2011 12:36:26 PM

ELLEJAY7's SparkPage
Would it count if you just got a semi-permanent smile from BOTOX? LOL. That would be the absolute only way I would smile while on the treadmill.


8/28/2011 4:07:32 PM

CHRIS3874's SparkPage
heard this before maybe now I will believe it .


5/5/2011 7:51:25 AM

CAROLIAN's SparkPage
My Grandad always said
'a smile costs nothings but to someone you smile at it's priceless.


2/8/2011 1:31:28 PM

I loved this article! It reminds me of the Scripture from Proverbs 17:22.

A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22


2/1/2011 2:47:12 PM

I have been making a conscious effort to smile more some of it due to the reasons listed here but also due to vanity. I do not want frown wrinkles! So if I feel myself frowning, I smile!


1/29/2011 6:19:29 PM

FINETRAD's SparkPage
I was always so shy to smile because I thought I had an ugly smile. My teeth are crooked and that brings me alot of shame. But reading this article, made me feel alittle better now. I have alot more confidence...

It is an essential article btw...


1/7/2011 1:07:40 PM

Yep! "smilesrme" just happens to be my Sparkname!

Choose to be a balcony person; not a basement person in life!


11/19/2010 3:25:32 PM

SMOOCH40403's SparkPage
I was reading this article with my little dog sitting on my lap. At the end, I started laughing. Almost immediately, my dog started wiggling, wagging his tail, and kissing my face. I guess dogs like the sound of laughter too!


11/2/2010 4:46:17 PM

LMMIMI's SparkPage
I always find it interesting when I am out and about and walking toward someone, I always try to make eye contact and smile and/or give a greeting. I will say that about 50% of the time I get a smile back and/or a greeting, and then there are those who do anything to avoid eye contact. A smile costs nothing and hopefully made someone happy.


9/1/2010 6:45:31 PM

Sometimes I'm so straight-faced I can feel it. Recently, I started smiling when I become conscious of my seriousness, even when I'm really sad. I can literally feel the change in my body instantly! It's amazing. Smile.


8/23/2010 10:21:25 AM

BECKYSRN's SparkPage
I'm a nurse and I always try to go to work with a smile. It can make a world of difference for a patient to have someone care for them who at least looks like they're enjoying themselves in their work. I know that I have some coworkers who always look like they hate their jobs (even if they don't) and I sure wouldn't want them to take care of me!
On a more personal note, I have a coworker who is so high strung if you touch her she'd twang...and one day we actually got her to really laugh at something that one of us said, and it made such a difference in how she looked and how she carried herself for those few minutes. Too bad we couldn't get her to keep that attitude!

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