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Healthy Smile, Healthy Body

How Your Teeth Affect Your Health


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  • Good info share.. and definitely something to build into my healthy lifestyle plan.
    Yeah I don't live my life about calories; there's hardly such a thing as calories really otherwise.
    Our hearts and gums both need Co-enzyme Q10 though; so, not our teeth per se, but our bleeding gums when we floss.
    Yeah if something says 0.13% fluoride, why: that's too high as we get in our 20's and/or 30's; 0.12 something would be nice; we can easily learn/know from Crest and Ultra Brite toothpastes and such, down to Tom's of Maine Strawberry for Children and beyond.
    Yeah tobacco is 'bad' but it rates half a ph point above sodas still; imagine that!!
    Fluoride is just slightly less poisonous than arsenic, but there are good kinds and bad kinds otherwise, too.
    Not exactly; I have perfect teeth but am on a strong heart med.
  • It's very true . . . . for humans . . . and our canine friends as well . . .
    I love my Hydro-floss. My dentist tells me my teeth are the cleanest in town. He also told me that brushing more than twice a day is not a good idea.
  • good information - thank you!
  • As someone who has heard of someone with oral cancer I was surprise that there was no mention of the hazards of tobacco - especially snuff as you can get oral and or throat cancer from years of dipping- I know this was about dental hygiene, but isn't tobacco a filthy habit?
  • As a dental assistant, I can totally agree with what this article has to say. I believe the teeth are connected to everything!
  • I sure do love to see good teeth in the mirror and on others. I did know most of the health implications of bad teeth, but was supprize to find out it can interfer with your sleep. You learn something every day! Thank you good job.
  • I'm smiling when I read this!
    Good reminders of how to care for our oral hygiene!
  • MAGGY01
    I agree with eveyone. The dentists are really reaping the rewards not us with dental insurance.

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