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Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A Real Pain in Your Wrist No More


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Thank you Report
Great article! Report
thank you Report
These movements DO help and, remember to breath deeply while you do them. Report
These exercises do help. Thanks Report
Good info on carpal tunnel Report
good points Report
Thank You for the great ideas. Report
Good information. Thank you for sharing Report
A malady that used to be confined to typists now runs rampant thanks in no small part to the rise of the computer. Great exercises for all! Report
Good Article. Report
Excellent article. Good information. Report
I'm experiencing carpal tunnel pain right now. The pain woke me up in the middle of the night last night. I put my brace on. It's helping, but still rather uncomfortable. Report
The best exercise for carpal tunnel is to use a can like a tomato paste can, it is more uniform in size and shape. This is what my surgeon had me to use after my hands healed for PT. As well as the Physical Therapist, she was a speaker and teacher for many hospitals across the nation for Carpal Tunnel Therapy. I only remember her first name is Rosalind and her assistant was Jackie in Vero Beach, Fla.
If Carpal Tunnel isn't diagnosed in time your muscle can collapse. It is always wise to seek medical attention immediately if you suspect that you have this condition. Report

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