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Top 10 Things You'd Be Surprised You Can Do at SparkPeople

Some of our Best Tools are Totally Unexpected



7/19/2014 10:31:44 PM

SMARTIN77's SparkPage
I use most of these, but the appt. reminder and calendar were new to me. Thanks.


7/13/2014 7:56:11 AM

COFFEEMOM14's SparkPage
Thank you for the link to the Calendar. I was just looking for it and could not find it, that is great timing! I am still not sure how to find it, but at least I know it is still there.


4/6/2014 9:13:03 PM

JERSEYGIRL24's SparkPage
I used to use the reminder feature but haven't done so lately. It actually was convenient to receive email reminders about things that had to be done (i.e. return library books).


4/6/2014 3:24:20 AM

A search for a good walking map tool was what let me find Sparkpeople! I do wish the Calender feature weren't so buried in menus though


1/2/2014 9:14:40 AM

The Calendar is for sure an awesome feature & one I never knew existed. I think SPARK should move it somewhere MUCH easier to access since this is a tool most people are familiar with & would be more apt to use! Hint Hint!

Thanks All!


12/11/2013 8:59:50 AM

At the top of the Spark page, click on "My Trackers," click on "Reports." Scroll down and click on "My SparkSummary Calendar." I use it often, and find it very helpful in working toward goals.


12/11/2013 5:53:10 AM

Wow! I had NO IDEA about the Spark Summary Calendar. I can see this being extremely helpful to keeping me motivated. How do I get to it?


5/4/2013 11:20:52 PM

My doctor referred me to SparkPeople and I am so glad I did. I am eating healthier, reading labels and tracking my progress. Thank you SparkPeople!


5/4/2013 8:43:37 PM

I never knew about the SparkSummary Calendar - nice!!!
But, I don't see how to get to the calendar by any of the top menu links?


5/4/2013 9:15:22 AM

MOM_VICKI's SparkPage
Great overview of features, but I wish you would have included how to find them. I liked the calendar with the quick overview of how many points, minutes, etc I was getting each day, but now I'm going to have to search around to figure out how to get to it without clicking on the link in this article.


5/4/2013 8:54:02 AM

I love!! Keep learning new things all the time! Still haven;t figured out how to create my own spark page.


1/24/2013 6:32:45 PM

Wow - I've been a member for almost two years now and I didn't know until reading this that you could map your route! How neat! Very excited about this feature!


1/24/2013 5:53:45 PM

MISSBUNNY67's SparkPage
Beautiful!, how can i add this article to my favorites?


5/23/2012 12:21:26 PM

TRINIGAL7's SparkPage
I am making use of most of these to continue to reach my goal.


4/23/2012 4:05:03 PM

KATD13's SparkPage
I didn't know about the Month at a Glace or the Group Meet-ups. Just when I think I've kind of got this site figured out, I learn something new!

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