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Ouch! Avoiding the Aches and Pains

Ways to Save Your Body


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  • I really appreciated this article, Have not been able to get a good stretch for knee discomfort. Will apply the excercises.
  • This article is very helpful. I have injured myself working out in the past and would like to prevent future injuries. This is a great tool!
  • I appreciated this article. I took up kickboxing a while back and was so excited about it --- then I was injured by my stronger and more aggressive partner, who kicked me in the left pinkie repeatedly. I haven't been back because the finger just won't seem to heal, even though it's been weeks. And I'm afraid of getting hurt again. I'm disappointed this didn't work out for me. I wish there were a class for beginners that would go a little slower and match people better.
  • I loved this article. I have oesteoarthritis and the exercises and suggestions from the article on how to decrease knee pain was very helpful. I have saved the article in my favorites so I can refer to it each day.
  • I appreciated the part of the article that gave exercises for the lower back. I added them to my fitness plan. Thanks!
  • Loved it....especially the anmation without a lot of written instructions.... a pic is worth a thousand words.
  • I've managed to stretch my back, but not because of working out! I lifted something heavy.
    I've got a problem with my right knee, it acts up from time to time. The joint is the problem.
  • SIMONA-09
    For me its to much to read
    in the end I lost more than I understood
    Me, too! Feet and ankles. Makes some of the exercises really hard to do.
  • My OUCH isn't knees, it's ANKLES!!!
  • While I agree at most of this content, I for sure dont agree with the title. YES. No pain, No gain. That is just the truth. It is painful to go from a 4,000 calorie diet everyday to a 1500. IT IS painful to do those lunges, back extensions and leg lifts! IT IS painful to do cardio that raises your heart rate to a fat burning rate. Fact of the matter, if a person's muscles are not tone and lean, it hurts. It SHOULD hurt - NOT a lot. But enough to say ...oooo, that hurts. If you are not in pain just enough to feel your muscle burning a little, there will be no progress. I KNOW this from Experience.
  • the omron pedometer ad keeps obscuring the links to the exercise demos--make it stop!!! i love my omron pedometer but i don't appreciate the ad preventing my access to the other parts of this site!
    pelvic lifts lying on your back with kness bent saved my lower back.
  • So often we treat the symptom and not the cause for discomfort. Thanks so much, Joe, for the information.

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