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Beat Stress, Weigh Less

The Connection Between Stress and Weight Gain


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    DITTO, GRAYGRANNY! and if stress KILLS then I'm a marked woman there, too!
  • There is a large area of stress that wasn't acknowledged in the quiz, for those of us who are caretakers either of an elderly parent or a disabled child or in my case both. Neither of these can be eliminated so although my quiz resulted in at moderate risk for stress, my actual stress level is much higher.
  • Good suggestions.
  • I am reading this article (and others) while eating my breakfast and watching Lift Every Voice.
    My stress, I believe comes from never feeling like I am good enough for my Mother.

    But.... today, I choose to focus and pleasing GOD and to continue teaching the youth that I can reach out to.
  • I really liked this article. Woke up this morning, said my prayers, fixed breakfast for my family and took time to log into Spark, eat and drink my tea.
    Thank you SparkPeople!!!
  • Well then, I am screwed!!!
  • Exercise is the best stress reliever for me! And I have made good friends at my gym that help each other stay motivated:)
  • There is a lot of sound advice in this article, but for me the #1 culprit of unexplained weight gain was CARBOHYDRATES.
  • This article is so true. That's how I put on so much weight from stress dealing with family stuff all the time. So now I just go and exercise to stay focus.
  • I agree that exercise is a great way to relieve stress. In addition, I have set my phone alarm to remind to sit down, relax, do some breathing techniques as well as meditate. What a Difference!!!
  • i have found that exercise is even very helpful in combating stress.
    Keep mind and weight under control.
    All of this is so true and so necessary to apply. I need to not make taking care of me and eating the right things one more stress as I totally have in the past.
  • This is definitely true to my life. I put on so much weight during nursing school it wasn't even funny! On bad days at work we often find ourselves buying bags of mini candy bars for the break room for "stress relief". That doesn't even play into the difficulty losing weight while stressed, just the ease of gaining!
  • Stress seems to hold a band over the weight and not only keep it from leaving, but also seems to attract any passing fat and hold onto it tightly. I really don't have any free time to sit back and relax. I try to 'make' the time, but it's just not there. I'm just stretched too thin. Any suggestions are always appreciated.

    Thanks guys!
  • I've always known that stress is a bad thing for weight gain (and well, our health in general). When I started my current job, the added hours and additional stress of the new job caused me to balloon 15 lbs in just 3 months. That had never happened to me before. Because my job is so stressful (it doesn't have to be; it's not like I'm an air traffic controller, and yes, I'm looking for a new one), I know how easy it is for me to gain weight at the drop of a hat. When I had that fast weight gain, I hadn't made any other lifestyle changes. I wasn't eating more to "cope" or eating differently. It was just the d*mn stress.

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