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Beat Stress, Weigh Less

The Connection Between Stress and Weight Gain


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  • We all need read this!
  • Great article and helpful tips
  • So many of us have stress and don't recognize it for what it is. Dealing with stress is one of the more important things we can do for ourselves and our weight.
  • Thanks for the article
  • Stress can be very damaging to the body!
  • I've always been sensitive to stress. Usually I use exercise to burn it off. It becomes a problem when I am physically unable to work out.
    My husband has always been mellow, but got a job at a very stressful place. Nothing usually bothers him and he'd laugh at my getting upset with things. At a particularly stressful beat-up meeting at his office, he started having a stroke. Have no idea how he drove home, but he ended up in hospital with a hemmorhagic stroke. He then had seizures. That super stress has affected our lives greatly. It's not worth working for a horrible place (actually a pathology lab). They then fired him for not making it back from the stroke within their designated 2 week time frame. Nasty people.
  • So true. I've seen this in myself at times. Several years ago when I worked in payroll at a highly stressful company, I was copied on a resignation email from an employee who was quitting after a month because, according to him, he'd started smoking again and had gained 10 lbs. He said the job wasn't worth it. I had a good laugh at the sheer honesty and thought 'Good for him' and I envied his ability to walk away. I got laid off about a year later after my job was relocated to a different of the best things that ever happened to me. I've been losing weight ever since.
  • Everybody experiences stress, and certainly it can be a CONTRIBUTOR to weight gain (or weight loss, but stress should not be made into an excuse. I maintain my weight under extremely stressful times, and I know many other people who do too.
    Stress is a killer, you can try hard to learn to live with it, but as long as you are alive, you will never "beat" matter what "experts" say or is what it is.
  • Weight gain is not the only problem caused by stress. I know people who were normal weight but had other problems such as high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol. Although they had been on medication for years, within 6 months of retiring, they were off their medication. They had indicated they hadn't really changed their diet or exercise pattern, but they were enjoying life a whole lot more because they could now spend more time with their family (especially the grandchildren).
  • Stress for musicians during the holidays is normal. We go from rehearsal to rehearsal, performance to performance, Christmas Eve and sometimes Christmas Day services. That doesn't include our usual holiday activities as well as our abnormal normal lives. After New Year's we usually collapse.
  • GRAYGRANNY rolf. The only way you escape stress is die. Who wants that??? raises hand pleaaaase?? I have to learn to rest on my faith more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The evolutionary reference is completely unnecessary in explaining how our bodies react to stress--so let that little reference slide. Fact is our hormones go crazy when we're stressed. We gain weight because we take in more than we burn, and vice versa. Have you ever seen a fat hostage? They have got to be under more stress than any of us have ever experienced. Bottom line: find ways to deal with stress other than eating more calories. 8-)
  • This describes a connection between stress and eating more and/or exercising less, not necessarily linking stress directly to weight gain. Tell me what causes pounds to pile on when I'm not changing my eating or exercise habits.

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