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Beat Stress, Weigh Less

The Connection Between Stress and Weight Gain


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Very interesting! Report
Stress can even make a person go the other way and become orthrexic and obsess about eating and exercise. Report
Good info, but I think the author missed the chance to discuss the actual affects of cortisol and other hormones. Especially when stressed, it'd more about chemistry than math. It isn't simple like calories in/calories our make it seem. Even with controlled calories weight gain is common with stress. Report
I know stress is a contributor to my weight problems. I am working on it. Report
I now believe stress was a big part of my medical issues. Report
liked reading this and getting the info from it, thanks Report
Great article! Report
GREAT article! Report
Stress can be managed only so much. It is always better to identify it and try to control it before it controls you. I have participated in many stress less classes, and stress still bothers me at times. Report
I lived a very stress filled life and then moved. Although we don't have a proper roof over our heads with 5 kids and my husband has been out of work for 4 months, I can still deal with the stress by exercising and focusing on my weight loss goals. Eating just leads to binge eating and so forth. Report
Great insight, but easier said than done for me! Report
Stress is difficult when you have a big family and a busy life Report
I find that exercise does help me relieve stress. My biggest thing is taking time for me! Report
Exercising does not relieve my stress, never has, and I'm 70. Been hoping it would. If a person is short on time, they stress on what they could be getting done, during the time of doing the exercise. Even doing shorter spurts of exercise during each day doesn't elieviate it, but it does help with weight loss, so we keep doing it. Report

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