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''How I Changed My Life in 28 Days'' *

Winners of The Spark's 28-Day Contest Share Their Stories


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I'm so glad that this worked for you!!! Very inspiring! Report
Absolutely great Report
I just purchase the book & hope to use it as a platform to break a plateau. Report
RowdyRiley's story really touched me because I could see myself. Not being able to tie my shoes. Always being out of breath. If, I tried to walk up the stairs I had to make many stops along the way and couldn't talk. I went on a trip and almost had to go to the emergency room because it required a lot of walking. The group I was with had to help me make it back to the bus. Thank you for your story it has motivated me even more. Again Thjanks! Report
These scenerios have provided me with a lot of motivation. I'll order the book today! Report
DISNEYMOM's story is so inspiring to me! I am faced with a similar situation of being a displaced retail manager myself. Management positions are asking for bachelors degree for half the salary a manager used to make without one. They won't hire you for a lesser position because they say your "over qualified" for an associates position. it's kind of "a rock and a hard place" position to find myself in. I have been a retail manager since I was 19, now at 42 I seriously am thinking a will have to change careers. Like her, I'm realizing I want to do something to help people, I truly believe that is my "life's path". Somewhere in this mess of job displacement, relationship break up, and relocation to a new area, I lost the strong, independent, healthy, thin "me". I'm not sure where the "happy go lucky me" went, but I miss her and I'm determined to find her now that things are getting clearer and the dust has finally settled! Thank you DISNEYMOM! You have no idea how close to home your story is and how much you have inspired me to find myself and my life's path, again... Report
I am confident that because of these blogs I will succeed as well Report
Thanks all for sharing! Report
Thanks for this! I am going to get my own copy of "The Spark" and read it. I definitely need help setting tangible goals. Report
Very encouraging. Thanks for sharing! Report
Awesome. I am so inspired my each person's story. Thank you! Joanna Report

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