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Your Good-Better-Best Guide to the Grocery

Step-by-Step Guidelines for the Best Food Choices


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  • I have a headache from the eyerolling.

    Whole foods ARE best, so the best milk is WHOLE milk.
    The best yogurt is full fat Greek yogurt WITH LIVE CULTURES.
    If you're going to eat bread at all (even the best ones are close to being a nutritional zero) don't buy anything "light". They either added something weird or took out something healthy.
    Pasta? There IS no healthy choice, it's basically just fattening carbage.
    There is not a processed cereal out there that anyone should be eating. If it has to be extruded, put it back on the shelf and invest in some steel cut old fashioned oatmeal.
    I DO agree on the lunch meats. Soooo much better to eat fresh!
  • wonder why they don't say Fiber one cereal..that has 14 grams of fiber
  • Great article. Thank you.
  • Good article. I don't eat pasta, deli meat, or cereal so I don't have many changes to make.
  • I do not agree on the yogurt. Also greek yogurt I see in the supermarkets has more calories,more fat and more sugar then the yogurt I buy. All the greek yogurts in my markets have 3 times the amount of everything but they do have 2 times the amount of protein but cost 2-3 times the price. I buy no fat fruit yogurt at 35 calories per 1/2 cup serving with no added sugar. I have seen on Spark People the U.S. no fat yogurts have 3 times the calories as the 2 brands I buy in Canada. The yogurt I buy has 16, 1/2 cup containers for around $5.50,much cheaper. I can eat more dairy with the lower calories. Most multigrain breads are not wholegrain and 100% wholewheat would be better in that case,multi means nothing unless the grains are whole grains!!
    I'm a little confused by the pasta. Durum wheat flour is semolina.
  • I don't drink milk often. I have fallen in love with Greek yogurt, but I think I may be returning to my activia with an occasional treat for the Greek yogurt.
  • Glad I read this because I love whole wheat bread. Now I know what to be looking for. Alot of good info.
  • this was very useful for me
  • non-fat dairy and whole wheat/whole grain options are still being recommended here? Smart people who aren't brainwashed by today's propaganda of the food and the diet industries should know that those options are bad for you. But, I guess everyone is living in la-la land... Ciao!
  • I found this very interesting the bread is confusing as there are so many whole grains. I buy Multigrain bread but only because it contains more seeds

  • i was actually able to add to my weekly grocery list things i dont usually get. i cant afford to get the really good whole wheat stuff but i can at least get whole wheat. ive always drank fat free milk too. my whole life. i never like 1% or 2%. my mom always gave me fat free. i still get it and i had to get my boyfriend to adjust to it since hes always had 1% haha.
  • Good info except that I am celiac and no gluten allowed but I am learning to translate whole wheat to whole grain in my miind as I read articles...Forget the processed and "Light stuff and eat real food!

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