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How to Use SparkPeople When You Have Prediabetes

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Good to know. Report
very good article Report
thanks for the great info Report
Great informatiom. Report
Thank you. Report
Very informative and helpful Report
I'm seeing a lot of commentary on where to find an A1C ... this is a fasting glucose test, and your doctor has to order it for you. Love and good wishes... Report
It seems like a lot of people with an A1c of 6.4. I do, as well. I've cut out most sugar and grains. Waiting for next blood work to see if there's an improvement. Report
Really need to update this program . . . it's 7 years old and lots of good info since 2010. Report
How do I record my A1c results on this site and the app non my phone? Have this test run every three months and can't record the results. Tests for sugar level are on the nutrition page but can't find where to record A1c. HELP!! Report
Hi my first measure some 3 months ago was 6.4, then 8 and latest bloods 7.1, the longer term measure was 41 and now 42 . I am attempting to deal with increase exercise and diet.....but am confused by the measures. am i correct in saying that blood glucose measure between 4-6 is normal. Thereafter anything is abnormal and above 7 diabeitic....and the increase in the longer term A1 measure from 41 to 43 is a trend to reverse asap ........ Report
I recently had a TIA and when I went in the hospital my A1C was 6.4 Not Diabetic by normal dietician standards...but my Glucose had spiked at 225 due to the 'event'... when I went home my A1C was 5.7 and my glucose 98 they told me I was not diabetic... confused?... yes, I am... adjusting to low sugar and carbs!
Am finally in with a group of Holistic Minded Doctors - yeah! Although previous doctors had been checking me for thyroid disorder and also my had been years since a full blood profile had been done on me.

I just found out two days ago that I am insulin resistant - pre diabetes. Plus, my thyroid numbers are upside down from what they should be.

Although I consider myself very health conscience and someone who eats lots of veggies, whole grains, little meat or dairy products....I gained 20+ pounds when I went through menopause 20 years ago, and have never been able to get it off. I'm very active also.

This diagnosis explains the weight issue. I have an appointment with their dietician soon, and have already been told to cut out ALL GRAINS and some fruits. I'll be using this program to track my food intake and hope to report some positive results in 6-8 wks. Report
A1c is a blood test that measures your average blood sugar for the past 3 months. in layman terms the red blood cells absorb extra sugar and die off, or are replaced every 3 months. The blood sugar test normally taken is for this moment only. The A1c is accumulated data. It is a better long term measure of your actual health. It will therefore not be contradicting a blood sugar result on a moment to moment basis, instead tells how your body is doing over time. Report

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