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How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label

Solving the Ninth Mystery of the World


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Great information! Report
Another thing. The FDA allows a certain % of bad things (ie. mice) to be in all products. Happy eating! Report
Don't believe the labels always!! I have coconut. One time I asked my mother if the cookies she got had coconut in them, as I know she did not like coconut, but it sure smelled like coconut. She told me "no". I bit into it, UGHH!!. I told my mother it had some in it. She tried it and she said it did have coconut in it! Report
It;s a good article and quite informative. Report
Good article but use 1-ingredient foods, they don't need a label. The label is used for processed "food" Report
Excellent article. Good need-to-now information. Report
Good informAtion. Report
This info will help me a lot when grocery shopping! Report
Lots of new and different since this article was written -- still good advice to read labels; but be careful with what you read -- serving sizes are not very realistic. 8-) Report
Nice to know facts. Report
Great informative articel--I just wonder why there isn't a "type of sugar" breakdown listing like there is "type of fats" Report
Good and usable article. Thank you. Report
Great article has taught me how to read labels. Really helpful Report

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