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The 8 Best Fast Food Breakfasts

What to Order On-the-Go


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  • Yup, McDonalds oatmeal.

    Also, Subway's steak breakfast sandwich on an English muffin is only 190 calories I believe.
  • Starbucks oatmeal (with optional add-ins) is great!
    Tim Horton's oatmeal, though pre-sugared, is better than junk or no breakfast. ;)
  • On the rare occasion I find myself at McD's on my way to work, I will order the Egg McMuffin, without butter. (I don't think they use real butter anyway) It may save a few calories and it ensures you get a hot sandwich and not one that has been sitting around for too long.
  • My go to fast-food breakfast is Dunkin Donuts Egg&Cheese Wake up wraps (&and Green Tea). Yum.
  • what about the mcdonalds fruit oatmeal? that is by far the best option there!
  • Considering the new Subway breakfast offerings and a few other grab-and-go newbies out there (Panera's Breakfast Power Sandwich for one), it might not be a bad idea to update this article. But outside of that, excellent information and good stuff to keep in mind when breakfast has to be fast!
  • When I go to McDonalds I get 1 side of eggs and a yogurt parfait. Very satisfying!
  • I appreciate that SparkPeople provides this information rather than taking a hard line such as "never eat fast food".
    the information about McDonalds is wrong
    I have the package and it says:
    370 cal
    14g protein
    22 gm fat
    850 mg of sodium
    29 gm carbs

    it has 70 more cal then it used to and more fat and sodium
    The new Breakfast Sandwich at Panera's is very tasty. Anyone have the breakdown on it?
  • For Chick Fil A - I usually do the chicken minis (3 count) with a fruit cup and lowfat milk. Or if it has to be portable, I love their new smoothies. They aren't the greatest of options, but better than some.

    And I agree, leaving cheese off usually helps cut on calories!

  • The new Subway Western Egg-white muffin melt is only 160 calories with 4 grams of fat. I must add also that they are really good and filling. Definitely worth a try!
    The Egg Mc Muffins at McDonald's are just 300 calories. The wrapper had the calories listed for the Sausage Egg McMuffin as well. So maybe that is some of the confusion on the calories.
    I think Subway has a new breakfast sandwich that is supposed to be 250 calories. But I have not been able to get in to try it out.
    We go to Jack in the Box often. If I am really hungry I get 2 Breakfast Jacks and eat only two of the buns and sometimes ask for them with no cheese. I also get a Chicken Fajita Pita for breakfast sometimes when I want something different and it is only around 300 calories, always ask for salsa with that. The small mango smoothie is also pretty good for around 300 calories. They also offer the fruit cup instead of hasbrowns if you want a combo.

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