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The 8 Best Fast Food Breakfasts

What to Order On-the-Go


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  • Wow the sodium alone to start your day is bad enough on these items. I will pass.
  • I like the options listed in the comments better than the ones listed in the article!! I love blueberry oatmeal from McDonald's and the breakfasts at Subway. Those are the only 2 places I will go when I'm in a hurry for breakfast - Luckily, they're one just about every street corner!
  • I agree with several..there are always good choices..and not always just on the menu's 'healthy choice'. I love Mcdonalds oatmeal..and you can get it 24/7. I am off to try the Burger King choice listed though..variety is nice! Hate to admit, but I do eat out a lot.
  • McDonalds oatmeal is a great healthly choice and the fat grams are much lower than the ones listed. None of these would really fit into my diet plans.
  • I stop at Starbucks, they are everywhere and have the best options. Plus they are reasonably priced. Their food is delicious.
  • Subway actually has much lower calorie breakfast sandwiches. Since I also try to watch sodium, they tend to be lower as well. In a pinch, Dunkin' Donuts egg white veggie wrap at 150 calories and 340 mg of sodium is not a bad choice.
  • The 8 listed items is an extremely limited list. Like others have said, if you actually check the restaurant's website and then choose the best of their offerings (such as egg whites at Subway) there are many many good breakfast choices that are even lower calorie than those listed. I'm not saying that we should eat "fast food" all the time but I am pleased that these restaurants now offer healthier choices for those of us who actually seek them.
  • I just had the best fast food breakfast - Tim Horton's maple oatmeal. For 220 calories, it's filling and will keep me going until lunch time.
  • Subway actually has breakfast items under 200 calories. If you opt for the black forest ham and egg white with any cheese on a muffin, it's only 160 calories. If you nix the ham and just do egg white and cheese (I usually add peppers and onions) it's 140. This has become a standard way to start long road trips for us.
  • Yup, McDonalds oatmeal.

    Also, Subway's steak breakfast sandwich on an English muffin is only 190 calories I believe.
  • Starbucks oatmeal (with optional add-ins) is great!
    Tim Horton's oatmeal, though pre-sugared, is better than junk or no breakfast. ;)
  • On the rare occasion I find myself at McD's on my way to work, I will order the Egg McMuffin, without butter. (I don't think they use real butter anyway) It may save a few calories and it ensures you get a hot sandwich and not one that has been sitting around for too long.
  • My go to fast-food breakfast is Dunkin Donuts Egg&Cheese Wake up wraps (&and Green Tea). Yum.
  • what about the mcdonalds fruit oatmeal? that is by far the best option there!
  • Considering the new Subway breakfast offerings and a few other grab-and-go newbies out there (Panera's Breakfast Power Sandwich for one), it might not be a bad idea to update this article. But outside of that, excellent information and good stuff to keep in mind when breakfast has to be fast!

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