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The 8 Best Fast Food Breakfasts

What to Order On-the-Go


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  • This is a great list but it needs to be updated! McDonalds has the Egg White Delight now which is delicious and much lower that the Egg McMuffin and Subway also has many choices under 200 calories. Please update!
  • This is an OLD article. I got my sparkpoints on it in February of 2010.
  • McDonald's also now offers an egg white delight which is only 240 calories.. and I'm SHOCKED that this list didn't include Subway's breakfast muffin melts (which with egg white and veggies can run as low as 160 calories!).
  • McDonalds sells a side of scrambled eggs (not on menu) if you are looking for protein without the fake "cheese" and the muffin in the Egg McMuffin. Their scrambled eggs have little salt, they include a packet in the bag in case you want to add some.
  • I ALWAYS keep a granola bar in my purse for just such occasions. I can't imagine blowing a third of my nutrition (and sometimes more) on something that won't keep me satisfied for very long. The granola bar will keep me satisfied for longer and is a lot better nutritionally. Throw in a few raw almonds (which I always have on hand as well), and I would be good to go for quite a while.
  • I usually prefer the sausage McMuffin...but if I'm on the run and MUST, an Egg McMuffin it is! Most of the other options are not available in my area anyway.
  • Honestly, it takes the same or maybe less time to make an egg muffin at home than going to McDonalds...not to mention, a lot healthier!
  • Maybe it doesn't count as "fast food" but Panera does a great Power Breakfast Sandwich that is lo-cal and delicious. Whole grain bread and the protein is pretty high, too.
  • I would be nice to list the protein in each item. I don't want to know about just the bad stuff but also nutrients I need. The Breakfast Jack & Egg McMuffin are pretty close in calories, I'm going choose the highest protein option. Definitely agree that the list needs to be upgraded, I think the article is several years old...
    Oh and anyone that goes to Chick-fil-a, they have a meal calculator so you can make your meal and it will give you all of the nutrient information.
    And also leaving the cheese off, makes a big deal as it has high fat and sodium. I'm dairy free and when I first dropped dairy my fat & sodium intake dropped significantly. Though the first month without cheese about killed me.
  • I'm glad to see other people commenting that this list is out-of-date. McDonald's now has very tasty oatmeal options that are under 300 calories. Starbucks has an awesome spinach, egg white and feta wrap and a turkey bacon & egg on whole wheat muffin sandwich that is very good, too. And what the heck is a cheese sandwich from Subway? They now have egg whites and tons of veggie options. I actually find it very easy to grab breakfast in the morning if I do fast food. There are so many more healthy options out there compared to ten years ago.
  • Subway has many better options than the 400 calories noted in the article. They have low calorie options and you can load up on all of the veggies too. Just make sure to look at the sodium content.
  • these options are definitely outdated. they aren't taking into accound the new oatmeals that are being offered at these fast food chains as well as the breakfast sandwiches available at subway.
  • I really wish they would have carb counts on these charts. I have PCOS and I'm insulin resistant. Carbs mean so much more to me than calories.

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