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The 8 Best Fast Food Breakfasts

What to Order On-the-Go


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  • I fix a Morningstar Farms veggie burger with a piece of Flatout bread - I usually don't put cheese on it, but I could. It's only 150 calories and takes all of 90 seconds in the microwave.

    With options like that, who needs fast food?
    These foods are absurdly high in sodium.... there is no way that someone who is trying to watch their sodium would be able to eat a breakfast sandwich and still be good for the rest of the day with a 1500mg max.
  • Thank you for this article. I was runnin g late a few weeks ago and stopped and got an egg muffin from md. Whe I got home I looked it up and almost died! Now after reading this article I realize I should have left off the cheese. duh

    Keep on keepin' on. Do It!

  • I have spent less than 5 minutes in the McDonald's line to get a breakfast sandwich to save myself from being late to work. In a pinch, it is on my way, but I do it usually less than once a month. It is a great article to give us choices if we need them, but this article totally needs an update!
    If you consider the time you spend on line waiting to order, then waiting for the food, you could easily make - and eat - breakfast at home. You waste even more time if you have to drive out of your way, or walk out of your way to get to the fast food restaurant. You could easily waste 15-20 minutes or more.

    Oatmeal takes less than 5 minutes to cook in the microwave.

    You can boil eggs and keep them in the fridge for the week.

    You can cook eggs in a mug in the microwave in less than 2 minutes, toast your English muffin in that time, and eat it in the time you'd wait for a fast food breakfast.

    All you need is a little planning and organization.
  • I don't eat breakfast out I usally cook my own breakfast. I don't care for eating out like that.
  • I HATE fast food breakfasts, or even trying to get a decent breakfast at a hotel or restaurant. All of the "healthy" options are super bready and never filling. The only filling options use up a lot of your fat for the day that I would much rather use to have a nice cut of meat with dinner or something..
  • This is a great list but it needs to be updated! McDonalds has the Egg White Delight now which is delicious and much lower that the Egg McMuffin and Subway also has many choices under 200 calories. Please update!
  • This is an OLD article. I got my sparkpoints on it in February of 2010.
  • McDonald's also now offers an egg white delight which is only 240 calories.. and I'm SHOCKED that this list didn't include Subway's breakfast muffin melts (which with egg white and veggies can run as low as 160 calories!).
  • McDonalds sells a side of scrambled eggs (not on menu) if you are looking for protein without the fake "cheese" and the muffin in the Egg McMuffin. Their scrambled eggs have little salt, they include a packet in the bag in case you want to add some.
  • I ALWAYS keep a granola bar in my purse for just such occasions. I can't imagine blowing a third of my nutrition (and sometimes more) on something that won't keep me satisfied for very long. The granola bar will keep me satisfied for longer and is a lot better nutritionally. Throw in a few raw almonds (which I always have on hand as well), and I would be good to go for quite a while.
  • I usually prefer the sausage McMuffin...but if I'm on the run and MUST, an Egg McMuffin it is! Most of the other options are not available in my area anyway.
  • Honestly, it takes the same or maybe less time to make an egg muffin at home than going to McDonalds...not to mention, a lot healthier!
  • Maybe it doesn't count as "fast food" but Panera does a great Power Breakfast Sandwich that is lo-cal and delicious. Whole grain bread and the protein is pretty high, too.

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