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Sneak It In and Tone It Up

Try to Fit in Exercise No Matter Where You Are


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  • A personal thanks to those who choose the articles to share with your readers. Thank you for repeating the articles to us. I know you have shared this one before but it is just as valuable now as it was the first time I read it. They are great reminders, they still motive and some points are remembered that I completely forgot. The plus is that you now let us "repeaters" earn points when we read it again. Because of you, I have stuck with becoming healthy for a long time and I am close to my goal. Feel soooo much better both mentally and physically.
  • The suggestion regarding shopping can attract the negative attention of store security, as they are often times trained to look for anything out of the ordinary, but their fears are easy to dismiss once they discover your power walking for exercise while shopping
  • I do squats and lunges while waiting for the microwave. It's not a lot but at least I know I get 3 sets of squats in per day on top of my normal exercise.
  • I agree, most of these are activities and not exercise...however, the greater good lies in simply moving. Each day I try and find ways to be "effectively inefficient" to get more steps in. Like seriously, who walks over three and a half miles in her house? This girl...who can put away laundry! Crazy stuff I know, yet it makes a difference...and drives my husband nuts when he watches me do this on the weekend! Ha
  • Bad Posture - still fighting it, but when I was in PT for bad back, I was told to cut a pool noodle, tape a towel around it, and use it vertically behind my back at work to force shoulders back. The noodle is too wide for my car, but the Dollar Store has rolls of bubble wrap that fit in my car seat perfectly. May not be aerobic, but it helps my posture a lot. Plus had shoulder surgery, so doing a lot of scapula squeezes and exercises that help posture too.
  • These are good "activities". But, according to the SparkPeople article "Hard Truths About Exercise", this is not exercise. The article states you must do a total of 60 min. of cardio exercise in your target heart range or it's not exercise.
    I have started doing calf raises while I'm drying my hair and brushing my teeth in the morning. These little bouts of movement help wake me up and get me ready for the day. I love listening to music while I clean and try to dance a little too!
  • I don't agree with this. Multi-tasking is not good for our brain, psyche, and stress level. One thing at a time. Be in the moment!
  • Great ideas. We tend to forget that almost every thing we do could be turned out into a workout but eating and sleeping.
  • Distracted driving kills. I don't think you should dance in your seat while you're driving.
  • NAN130155
    Going to be home decorating.
    How do I calculate calories for scraping wallpaper?
    Hanging wallpaper?
    Painting ceilings?
    Moving furniture? Heavy housework for this one?

    Know I wont have time for daft things like walking or stationary biking too
  • It's the little things that help you the most
  • Very good reminders! Keep moving.

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