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Sneak It In and Tone It Up

Try to Fit in Exercise No Matter Where You Are


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  • TOTJJ78
    I can't wait to get started on adding these activities to my DAY!
  • This was a great article, because I had adopted these this week to keep my body in movement. Is there a way to capture these items in Fitness Tracker?
    A great brainstorm session to get me thinking...thanks for the ideas. I'll approach my day-at-home differently today because of you!
  • I read this article while watching the Miami Heat game. I decided to assign an exercise to each of the "Big Three" , free throws and anyone else on the team for each basket scored. I didn't start until the 3rd quarter and I am beat!! It's a fun way to exercise while watching TV on a Sunday!!
    The IDEA of sneaking in little bits of exercise is a great one but the suggestions in this article are just wildly unrealistic.
  • I like some of the ideas, but others like doing an exercise video at the work place or "car-dancing" sound unlikely.

    As for exercise & commuting: I would think the obvious idea is to park farther away from the office and get a 10 min walk. I usually bike to work - not so common in the US, I know, but no more unusual than the car dancing - or, if I commute, stand on my toes or heals for minutes at a time to strengthen my legs. (Hold on somewhere for safety, obviously!)
  • I'm a stay-at-home mom so the cleaning, yard work ideas are great for me but I wish I could do the shopping suggestions. I NEED a cart to hold all the groceries for 6 people (we have 4 kids) and I'm usually holding my 13 month and pulling the cart full of groceries because he hates the cart and tries to jump out of it. So yes, my shopping experiences are a full work or at least I'm exhausted after I get home and all the food put away.
  • I find when I am captive at the copier at work I do kickbacks, walk in place, knee lifts, etc. Who cares if you look silly. I do the same at home when waiting on the microwave. I need to add the commercial workouts while watching tv.
  • Thanks for sharing.
    Because I live near a transit loop, I walk to the transit loop rather than walk to the nearest bus stop and on my way home I take the same route back. I find that if I haven't done it for even a couple of weeks, it becomes difficult to do, but within a few weeks, it doesn't seem as hard. And yes, I do walk up a hill both ways.
    hi i'm a stroke survivor of almost 3 years which left me partially paralysed on the rite wit impaired speach which none f d afore mentioned has stopped me living my life. i've also been diagnosed wit C O P D and with me wearing a knee high A F O makes it quiet difficult for me to exercise vigourously. can anyone advise me with suitable workout and b4 u ask i've got medical clearance from my G P
    even sitting down workout especially 4 d belly my diet is very healthy ani im off cigarettes 3 years. noone seems to be willin to ADVISE me. i've gone from size 18-20 to 12-14 took me about a year. do u think should make a differance to my overall health.
  • BABE0403
    I have found, for me ,a lot of moving is trying to be mindful each day of the benefits from moving. I try to park far from the grocery store, pick up a stray cart and return the cart to the collection spot as I leave. I started to walk around the parking lot at work on my breaks, it was only a few minutes 2 times a day -that was almost 2 years ago after hip surgery. I gradually have increased my walking at work to 2 miles every day. It takes personal committment for me as there are no followers and I walk solo. My motto is "move to keep moving, and keep moving to move". Never give up on are in control of your health...staying motivated is the challenge.
  • I've see some of these before but I'm definitely going to cash in on a couple of these dancing being one of them!
  • Thanks alot. I already do alot of yard especially in the summer. I love outside in my yard and garden in the summer.
  • the commute exercises just went to a mr peanut commercial with no exercise

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