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Sneak It In and Tone It Up

Try to Fit in Exercise No Matter Where You Are


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  • Consider all things to keep your body healthy.....
  • Small changes lead to big changes and big changes lead to results.
  • Shopping workout- walk all aisles horizontally and vertically. Cannot look until I have completed a circuit.
  • I sneak in 10 minutes of jogging on my front porch a few times a day. It gives me a break from what I am doing and a chance to get outdoors.
  • I love car dancing and it really entertains others at traffic lights. There expressions and reactions give me a good belly laugh which works the abs.
  • While in car, I hold my abs in for a few seconds over and over again. It has become a habit. I new do it without thinking whenever I am in car.
  • Cleaning this particular (rental) house is a real challenge and takes hard work - start with hard water stains and go forward. Lots of scrubbing that the "scrubbing bubbles" need help with! It's also a "leaky" house but as a rental leak it will - and with drought that means dust, so much dust. To keep it reasonably clean you have to put in 1-2 hours a day most days.
  • car dancing...? Don't think so, but there are plenty of other great options in this article!
  • I do an intense 30 minute workout each day with one of the videos, but I also push myself when doing things outdoors and in the house to get the most exercise I can out of simple tasks. It's fun and I usually burn a lot more calories that way. I find I can generally meet my nutritional goals, but depending upon how much I work out I sometimes have to add extra meals because of the calories I burn.
  • When in the car I have a tape, (yes) that is Pilates sitting down while driving. It is mostly deep breathing, but I LOVE it! Helps tone the core!

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  • HYKER13
    Why are all exercises assumed that you are working from a desk and have an hour for lunch, I work outside and am lucky to get a 1/2 hour for lunch.
  • There are definitely some good ideas here. However if I tuck my chin down towards the tag in my shirt I'll have to spin my head around so I'm facing backwards. This would probably be a poor choice when driving. ;)
  • I don't "save" trips up and down the stairs from the kitchen to the downstairs entrance, I make any trips necessary, rather than save up the recycling or what ever it is, composting, I just make the trip, knowing that if I don't use it I will lose it!!!

    A good workout can be a great thing for both body and soul. I recommend something I liked a lot. It gives me the opportunity to do workouts at home.
    It is a workout system developed by Cosmopolitan.
    You can start it free.
    I agree with the comment that car dancing could be dangerous and distracting, but one could do butt squeezes to tone that area. Also, while sitting at a light, press your hands against the steering wheel from each side until the light changes.
    I can't see how a person could get any work done at home if they put the laundry away one piece at a time!

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