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10 Signs a Fitness Gadget is a Gimmick

Questions to Ask Yourself to Avoid a Scam


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  • This is a VERY well written article I plan to pass on to my fitness classes at the Y I teach at. I, too, own a TotalGym and love it. The marketing and advertisers know how to prey on people who are DESPERATE to lose weight fast, and have the sales figures to prove it. My favorite ploy now is when they offer a 'free upgrade to express shipping!". What does that mean??? And lets not even mention Sensa.....
  • I haven't bought any actual equipment from an infomercial, but back in the day I had a set of Richard Simmons videos (Disco Sweat, Sweatin to the Oldies, etc.). He made me laugh and I really appreciated that he catered to people of all sizes--a real rarity. I wore those tapes out!
  • I too have been caught out by these adverts and found out that that is all they are in the long run. Unless physical fitness and proper dieting are applied, all else will only help very little if not at all.
  • I agree with most of the article, but so much is personal. If the DVD inspires you and motivates you then it will work. The trick is finding that one thing you will stick with. Personally I seem to still be searching.

    I've recently started aero pilates. So far I think it's great. Perhaps my search is over.
    I agree with most parts of the article, and thanks to God for reminding me most of the time that if I buy, I've probably use it for a few days and forget about it later. My problem is INCONSISTENCY! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Watched some AeroPilates YouTube videos - they looked interesting.
    I bought a Nordic Track years ago, partly based on commercials. However, I had been using the one at the gym where I was a member at the time. I decided at the time that since I was using the gym's NT all the time, that it would be cheaper to just get one of my own to use at home. At the time, the closest gym was 20 miles away, and I hate driving. I still have the NT, and it still gets used. It's on loan to a friend at the moment, as I am getting my workout at the gym these days.
    i work out on the aero pilates. has any one else tried it. i love it, works all muscle groups
  • I see SO much of this stuff at Yard Sales, and wonder if people still have it on their charge cards.
    The only piece of equipment I've bought is a Total Gym, and it's honestly one of the best pieces of exercise equipment because it *DOES NOT* just focus on one area of my body, and I only end up using my body weight for resistance.
    I remain curious about a gadget that is advertised to reduce neck area or "double chin."

    It is a tension device that is supposed to work when used for only two minutes per day!

    Yep, it sounds bogus...huh? But what do the Spark experts say about this?

  • I agree with DBCLARINET about the good old-fashioned crunches, planks, and leg raises. I've found that anytime I buy equipment or DVD's, I end up not using them, but when I get the urge to do crunches and such, it hasn't cost me a thing- except the calories!
  • I'm concerned about the mention of P90-X considering title of the article. I would hate to think that someone might shy away from P90-X based on the fact it is here. I've never seen the infomercial for it so I can't say whether it is clearly stated that it is not for the typical beginner. But based on SARAEQUALSWIN comment and my own experience, it isn't that bad.
    Kudos on suggesting folk check out online information on a product first though. Before getting P90-X I looked online and found a lot of people singing it's praises, youtube videos showing personal success stories and even a group here on SparkPeople to provide support were factors in my decision to try it out.
    If memory serves correct, I think the official site does refer people to a lower impact system should they be concerned about their fitness level and ability to complete the program. I know I read that in the printed material anyway.
  • SPOOKYHANDLE - regarding your second point, as a person who does on occasion watch infomercials, i can tell you that _yes_ some infomercial products do indeed mention nutrition. Some such products are mentioned by SHADOWPUP below.
  • This article made me think of that ab glider thing where you kneel and swing yourself back and forth. What happened to old fashioned crunches, planks, and leg raises?

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