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Empty Nesters Find Purpose and Motivation

The Action Step Guide Once the Children Leave


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  • I am retiring in less than 5 months. I have no children but I am planning to volunteer for charities I don't have time for when working full time.
  • Need to pass this to Dearly Beloved. He was forceably retired 5 years ago. At the time he had three hobbies-reading, sleeping and hating work. Now he is down to reading and sleeping. I no longer do the 8-5 but have been busy trying to get to everything I put aside for lack of time while working. Good process for anyone making a change.
  • I retired 6 years ago to care for my mother. Now that she has passed, my goal is to improve my health & then see what I would like to do for travel money.
  • I have been in an office job for nearly 35 years. I would love to do something else, but my family depends on me and this job for health insurance. The cost of health insurance is so high that I feel stuck here. I would love to be able to switch to a career that would nourish my soul.
  • At 62 I'm now taking care of my folks to some extent. Taking them shopping and to the doctors and I can't forget the Social Security Office and some other places of adventure as that. LOL! And the "Golden Years" are where, again?
    My empty nest means having more time to focus on my dogs. I have no interest in a career, change or otherwise, or volunteering, all of the hassle, none of the pay.
  • yes career change for anyone not just empty nesters. I worked in bedside infirmary care for 8 years. Not my calling. Turns out I am not very good at direct care and I don't have the patience. What is next for me @ 40ish without taking out student loans at my age? Is it really worth going on to my NP?
    Hi I am a 61 yr old woman who has been taking care of every one it seems since I was 15 . Soon I will be at a point where I can do something for myself as soon as my 5 yr.old grand daughter that I care for 5 days a week starts school in September.And I don't have any idea what to do .I am an Artisan,and Crafter but I don't have any other formal training
    so how can I get motivated to do nothing thats what the old fart I live with who just retired from his job does.
    After 20 years in non profit management, i am now entering the hospitality looking forward to starting a new career track.
    In this economy, it might not be so easy to switch careers, but for ANYONE - empty nester or not, an option to fill those empty hours is volunteering. Because charitable organizations depend on donations - which are dwindling in many cases - they rely even more on volunteers to fill in when they need to downsize.

    You can use your life skills in many different organizations. I work in the front office of a local non-profit using my office & computer skills. Some friends volunteer in schools, as mentors/tutors, in the school library, etc. Others teach ESL, or help with adult literacy programs, or volunteer at the local animal shelter.

    This work is very fulfililng, and can be a bridge between a current career and a new one.
  • Since my children left home, I've gotten into the best shape of my life. I also changed careers from an accountant to a personal trainer at age 58.
  • I'm going to be retiring within the next 12 months...WHOOHOO, but I know I need to channel my energies elsewhere...this was a good article to start the mindset process.
  • I almost skipped reading this because I thought it was going to focus on empty nesters and motivation for healthy lifestyle; didn't think it would really apply to me. I'm about to turn 37, single and no kids, but I too am looking into different careers. Glad I decided to read this!
  • Another potential alternate title could be For Empty Nesters-Whether You Have Kids Or Not.

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