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Spring Into Shape Bootcamp Workout Plan

Get Fit, Have Fun and Reshape Your Body for Summer


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  • Thank you Nicole for the new me! One month on and out came the tape - woo hoo! I have lost 2 inches from my hips, 2 inches from my waist and 2 inches from my bust. The scales may be slow moving but the tape does not lie. What great results in such a short time.
  • Yes, you repeat the videos Day 1-Day 7, but this week, you add another video of your choice into it, and do it twice this week. Under the Fitness tab, if you scroll down, Workout Videos is a link provided on the page. You can also access the link through Challenge Details on the initial Team page. Click on "Complete Week 2 Action Steps", and in the pop-up window, click on "Choose from more than 40 free titles".

    Hope this helps! :)
  • To CDORMAN726- Did you get an answer to your question about day 8? I too have the same dilemma.....Can anyone advise?
  • Thank you Coach Nicole - these videos are great! Some of them tough for me - but in this 2nd week I am hoping to have a bit more stamina and better form. Already lost a couple of pounds and it's looking good.
  • i am at weeK 2, day 1 of the bootcamp workout videos. i can't find day 8. do i start from day 1 again? cd726
  • I'm loving all these videos! My resistance band isn't long enough though. So I guess I'll have to get a new one. I liked day two so much that I think I'm going to take up doing Pilates.

    So when I wasn't looking I lost 1.5 pounds. Thats since I last weighed myself on Sunday morning. I'm so excited beccause I wasn't even intending on losing weigh seeing as I reached my goal weight in February and have only gained 4 pounds off and on. Yay!

    Keep it up everyone!
  • I have started from May 1st and I really like doing the videos. They energize me.
    I loved the yoga/pilates video for day two! I may just add that one on to the other assigned videos for the rest of the four weeks.

    These videos are also super easy to do at night after my daughter is asleep. I do them while watching TV and it is perfect! I like spreading my daily workouts out over the day (cardio in the morning, toning/strength at night).

    It would really be better to have videos with music.
  • F inished 2nd day not too bad at all.C an't lower legs all the way down . Off now for my walk. On to tomorrow.

    Hi Ladies, if you're still having trouble loading the video from SparkPeople, click on the right hand side of the video, where it says, "Watch on YouTube".

    When the video opens in YouTube, just hit the pause button and it should load within a minute or two.

    Good luck to all of you. I started this challenge today and this is my first bootcamp. I must say it is not so scary because I'm not doing this alone!

    You deserve to feel amazing and beautiful today!! :)

  • Oops it should have been MaryAnn x
  • @ AnnMary B ... I have just completed my first day and I agree with your statement. I was afraid to exercise because I have been ill for too many years. So I decided that it was time for me to start getting better.

    Thanks too seeing your "Woo Hoo" - it gave me the courage to try. Bless you. xxx
  • I don't have a ball or resistance bands, but I do have dumbbells! I haven't seen anything about alternative workouts, so I'm going to see what muscle group is being worked on each of those days and find my own alternatives... or just re-do the cardio kickboxing video for that day, since I enjoy it so much, hahaha.

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