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Spring Into Shape Bootcamp Workout Plan

Get Fit, Have Fun and Reshape Your Body for Summer


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  • How are you all doing the videos? Do you sit in front of a computer? Do you just watch the video first and memorize what to do?
  • NIKNAK51
    today will be day 1 for me. I hope this works and want to stay motivated to finish out the 4 weeks
    The spring into shape bootcamp is tough to keep up with so I am not as motivated as I was the first week. When I got dressed this morning the jeans and shirt that I put on are not tight like they were! Even though the scale is not really moving I now feel motivated again to keep up and make time for this challenge. Good luck to everyone and keep up the good work! Woo Hoo!
  • I have been with back issues for the past 2 years, but on my way to a new season with working out. Thanks for the challenge!
    Hi I've just returned after illness and found this although i will be a bit behind,i've decided to follow :)
    I have had the same difficulty trying to find the appropriate daily workout to log in this challenge. I did day three and day four today (to make up for yesterday ) but couldn't find the exact ones listed under "browse".
  • I tried to add today's video to my tracker - 10 minute crunless core workout - but I was not able to find it. Could someone tell me how to find it so I can add it?
  • COOKV123
    I want to do the 28 day challenge, but the tracker set up will not let me set up from Sunday through Saturday to match the videos.
    I am super exicted to start this boot camp out!! I am tired of carrying around this weight I have had for the last 8yrs or so. I Hope I see some type of result after the 4 week boot camp is up!! Lets have faith and get this done!!!
  • I hope that you have another challenge like this one in the future,, Im not allowed to
    do cardio for the next 2 wks,,,,,too bad
  • Can anyone tell me how to find the videos? Please, and thank you.
  • I want to get started right now while I'm pumped up!!! :) the girls and their dad are sleeping. I've been up since after 5am. Ready to take my weight loss challenge seriously. Time to tone up, get in shape, and lose the unwanted weight that I've been carrying around for nearly 6 years! Let's go bootcamp team!!! Let's do this.
  • Can't wait to start this on Sunday after I finish moving out of my apartment Saturday!!!
  • ONTHERUNMOM4, each day is a link...Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. They are red and underlined. Hope that helps!!
  • Okay for some reason I cannot find these workout videos that we are supposed to do each day starting 4/29. Can someone tell me how to find them? I am only 2 days into sparkpeople!

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