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6 Things to Look for When Buying Exercise Apparel

How to Shop for Workout Clothes


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    T shirt
    Sweat Shirt
    Sweat pants

    Now what else would a human need?
    You can buy all the fancy clothes you want and Goodwill will enjoy them when you dump them. What you wear HAS NOTHING to do with what you do in the gym. Some of the best workouts I have seen are from those wearing ratty gym clothes who are busting their butts to get healthy. The worst? From someone wearing a brand new, pretty workout outfit in performance material. She used her mouth more than she used any other muscle.

    You buy what fits.
    You buy what is comfortable
    and then you work out.

    what a waste of space. You aren't what you look. You are what you do.
  • Great article! I agree that Walmart's Danskin line is affordable and really stylish, and when things go on clearance I've found tops for $3 and pants/capris for $7! I also hit the thrift and resale shops for yoga and cycling items. I once found a new pair of cycling shorts for $2. They retail at $40 or more!

    On another note, I am a year-round lifeguard at a heated outdoor pool and wear under armour in the winter. My staff has swim-tested it and although it is not advertised as swim wear, it holds its shape and keeps us warm during cold weather trainings.
  • Target's Champion C9 stuff is nice, fun colors & fairly inexpensive. I found clearance t's for $5.00. Campmor has good prices & some extended sizes. I've been known to buy guy's wicking t-shirts just because they're often cheaper. Nice PolarTec fleece shows up at thift stores & works better than some of the copy-cat brands. I'm in the rainy NW, so layering is practically a must for at least 3 seasons.
    And like a previous poster, New Balance is the only one with shoes in my size. Love New Balance!
  • Remember that many performance fabrics will lose their wicking ability if washed with fabric softener. I launder our exercise clothes separately for this reason.
    Great article!
  • I really liked and appreciated this article. I have taken to wearing bike shorts (the style, without the chamois) for my workouts and runs. When I finally lost enough to feel comfortable in "regular" shorts, I discovered that my inner thighs rub together and chafe. So I will stick with my form fitting, sweat wicking, booty enhancing bike shorts and avoid losing layers of skin!
    Remember - sweat can be considered fat melting away, so AIM TO SWEAT EVERY DAY!
  • I noticed that your major sports chains only carry small sizes. I asked a sales person about buying a sports bra in a 44DD.. She looked at me like I was crazy! Then looked it up on the computer. She said I could order one, but it was almost twice as much for one.. I thought that was so unfair! So I made it a mission to find workout clothes that would fit. I did find them at walmart! Even after loosing 50 pounds I still buy my workout clothes at walmart simply for the fact that they had lager sizes to begin with, and they noticed a market for larger ladies and guys!! Pat on the back for Walmart!!!!!
  • Plus size work out clothes are hard but not imposible to buy. has active wear in wicking fabrics and outdoor gear in plus sizes. I am super or extened sized and I used to love that they had 5X and 6X, due to the ecomomy all the retailers have cut back on their selections. Danskin and Champion have had some great stuff in the past. Most important to me are supportive shoes that fit well. I go to a New Balance store to get fitted, and they order what I need.
  • I would love to have workout clothes but have a hard time finding them big enough. It seems to me that being heavy automatically equals couch potato so those of us who are trying to transform our lives can't just hop over to the fitness store and pick out a wicking shirt. I did find good socks and I love them but have never found shirts, pants or shorts other than plain old ugly cotton ones. Has anyone had success finding "real" workout clothes in plus sizes?
  • cotton underwear should be avoided also, if can't find these cloths look in the hunting sect. or store that sells hunting equipment. under amour is expensive but worth it. silk makes an excellent first layer and is all natural and found in hunting catalogs. ie: cabalas, bass pro, sportsmans guide. miejers, kmart and walmart also sell outdoor clothing..
  • I agree Amicht! I have yet to find ANY decent workout/running clothes in my size. It's very frustrating!
  • Great information!! I am motivated to buy appropriate work out clothing and go to the gym!
  • Great article! I've been learning these things gradually, but appreciated getting it all in 1, well written piece. The frustrating part for me, as someone beginning again, is that it is very difficult to find workout clothes in larger sizes. I know they would help motivate me & I need smaller sizes as time has gone on. But I still would to have effective, comfortable, attractive work out clothes now!

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