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6 Things to Look for When Buying Exercise Apparel

How to Shop for Workout Clothes


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    Thank you for the information.
  • Good article thank you for sharing
  • GREAT article! Thank YOU!
  • I have found too often when grabbing "my size" in workout clothes that I really do need to try things on before I buy.
  • I usually wear shorts and sports bra.
  • I had no idea that what I wear to workout in was so important. Guess I had better go shopping or quit working out since I'm not dressed right
    I wonder when men look up what exercise clothes to wear, whether they are told to play up their "ASSETS", the way this author says.????? Exercise for its own sake, not looking to play cutesy with some dude you encounter.....
    I've decided that it's time for me to finally buckle down and start working out. The only problem is I don't have all the necessary clothes to do it! I didn't realize that the clothes really make a difference. I'll make sure I find something! Thanks for sharing!
  • I look for price first. Will not spend an arm and a leg on workout clothing. A pair of capris, a t-shirt, compression hose (unfortunately) and a good pair of walking shoes. I'm working out, not putting on a fashion show.
    I kind of use the same carrot so to speak as alicia lynn, in that I use fitness clothing to keep me motivated. If i hit my goals i go purchase my reward from I know that doesn't work for everyone, but I love new clothes!
    Variety of sports workout apparel available in market, but finding the quality product is very difficult. Time has changed,,, nobody want to go garment shop to purchase clothes according to choice, Because of many online companies offering latest design track suit, fitness clothing for gym, Thus people search online and purchase online.

    I would recommend This is best website,,, giving sales, service hurried and provide quality product. I have bought so many dresses from it. If you have any query you may ask from our website.
    Hi, it is wonderful post because you shared really great things about buying exercise clothes. Keep it up to share such information with us.

  • I love that they even make workout clothes! We used to just have t-shirts and shorts, or a sweatsuit to wear. Now there are all these choices, and some of them are more flattering. Whatever you wear though, I think it should look nice on you. Otherwise, you won't want to put it on.
  • I wear the same old holey stuff I wear when I mow the lawn. Does it look good? Certainly not. But when I am at the gym dripping sweat and making heavy-metal workout faces, does it really matter?? Not one whit.

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