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Stop Emotional Eating Before It Starts

15 Ways to Turn Off Your Emotions without Turning to Food


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  • I have finally learned that exercise is much better to deal with my emotions than eating.
  • thanks for the article its so true for all of us
  • Good article, with valid suggestions on combating the problem.
    Like the article. Stress does bring out my desire to chew.
  • Good article lots of good information
  • Great suggestions....Stop emotional eating before it starts!
  • I work with a 12 step sponsor in a food addicts group. This person plus the support of the group help me stay on track. The spiritual dimension of who I am and what I do are important to me. These groups tend to that.
  • I am both an emotional eater and binge eater. I have sought professional help. I also am using the writer's diet for my problem.
  • Thanks. I do fall into the emotional eating trap.
  • For me, the key to realizing I am eating emotionally is when food does not satisfy and I still feel "hungry". Sometimes I can see how I would eat emotionally before I attempt it and that is progress for me.
    Emotional eating and BigFoot are the best of friends!
    I think tips like these are helpful, but surely don't help for all the hours of the day! They might help you now and then, and make you take note. But for people who eat emotionally, the day and evening is too filled with stressful moments. We may grab hold of ourselves for days or weeks, maybe a year, but at some point, these tips don't cut it anymore. And then it's back to the satisfaction and comfort of non healthy foods! I've done this for DECADES! Lost lots of weight, at least 7 times! Kept it off several years even, but nothing, no lover, family, religion, satisfies and comforts us the way food does. That's why people keep going on and off eating plans, and always have! Experts need to realize this!
  • This reminds me of the book I took out of the Library a few days ago that I have yet to crack open. I'll start today after working out. Thanks!
  • I have to admit that I am a boredom/lonely/sad eater. When I feel this way, I can eat anything that isn't nailed down, mostly cookies, or crackers (saltines, ritz cheese crackers, the round townhouse crackers). Most days I can control my boredom/lonely/sad eating. I write down everything I eat. I really don't have any trouble exercising, in fact I'm quite excited about the 10,000+ steps a day streak I am currently engaged in. I love to swim, but there just aren't any pools in my area where I can swim, the springs and inlets near where I live are much too cold to swim in. I have several workout DVDs that I really enjoy doing and I have a Walk It Out game for the Wii that I totally love. So I am motivated to lose, I just have those days where I feel bored, lonely/sad or just "Don't feel like it". Although I've read this article and I know what to do, I still do it on some days. (deep sigh)
  • SOROYA80
    hi I am new here to spark. need to change my attitude towards food. i am a huge addict and food obsesser. i want a healthy relationship with food and lack the ability to follow through. i have gained an average of about 20 pounds a year and i am at my highest of 251. sigh... i am open to engorgement and positive suggestions and or comments. i could really use a lot of something to get me empowered to meeting my goal witch is being fit and content with a healthy realistic goal weight. thanks

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