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8 Ways to Build Maximum Muscle in Minimal Time

Double-Duty Strength Training


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Thanks for the great article. I especially like the references to Benjamin Franklin, he is a fantastic role model. I frequently go to the web site for motivation and insight.
I like this because with my 4 new chronic back conditions, I know I can strengthen up while sitting in a chair and not straining my back. I use 1-2 pound dumbells but I prefer the resistance tubing because it is easier on my back/bondy. Report
Never mind! I just re-read it and realized that the last four are in the short section at the end. I feel silly now... Report
Very helpful--thank you! I am confused about the title, though. I only saw 4 tips, not 8. Is there a page missing? Report
this is a really great article! so insightful! I'd never thought about most of the ideas presented here, and I'm glad I read this one. Report
I follow the program in the book "New Rules of Lifting for Women" and all of the workouts are 25-40 minutes, 3x a week. They're great, intense workouts but nothing too time consuming. The book also recommends not doing isolation exercises. The recommended exercises aren't exactly compound, but do work large muscle groups at a time. Report
Thank you - this was extremely helpful! Report
The article was good, but I missed references to safety. I know that it wasn't the focus of the article, but I felt it could have mentioned that strength training is hard on the muscles, and how important it is to do it right. Some of the techniques, might be ok for people with some experience, but for a newbie, I am afraid they can distract from doing the moves properly. For example, when I started strength training, I was reccommended (by the trainer) to start with machines to avoid injuries from doing the exercises wrong... Again, I know the article was not about safety, but I felt it could have had a mention.

(I hope this comment does not scare anyone away from strength training. It is an excellent form of exercise, one of my favourites. Just be safe) Report
These are great tips form someone who only has 20 minutes to squeeze in some weight training. Additionally, I just bought a cardio video that also has a strength training portion that does just this type of combination. over head dumbell press with's killer! Report
This was a great article. I like the concept of working on multiple body parts at one time to increase strength. I'm saving this to my favorites and am going to incorporate these in my strength training routine this week. Report

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