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8 Ways to Build Maximum Muscle in Minimal Time

Double-Duty Strength Training


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    Not sure about the "all muscle groups" claim. It is hard to give the latissimus dorsi a good workout with dumbbells. At the very least you should add a chin-up bar to get a full body workout.
  • great article. i'd add slowing down some of the moves, i think.
  • Fabulous article! Some great fitness tips...
    : )
  • Thanks for the article. It is very informative
  • Thank you for this article. I have started to get that "I'll do it tomorrow" feeling with my strength train days. This will change my routine and keep my body from getting use to the routine!!
  • Very informative and helpful in meeting fitness goals.
    All of these make sense, but I never considered unilateral training though...I am going to do more of that.
  • TERI99
    Excellent article; good information. I like the idea of "doubling up" the power of my workout minutes. Time is precious!
  • WOW, who told you this was a major concern for me!!!! THANKS
    Thanks for the great article. I especially like the references to Benjamin Franklin, he is a fantastic role model. I frequently go to the web site for motivation and insight.
  • SHERI1969
    I like this because with my 4 new chronic back conditions, I know I can strengthen up while sitting in a chair and not straining my back. I use 1-2 pound dumbells but I prefer the resistance tubing because it is easier on my back/bondy.
  • Never mind! I just re-read it and realized that the last four are in the short section at the end. I feel silly now...
  • Very helpful--thank you! I am confused about the title, though. I only saw 4 tips, not 8. Is there a page missing?
    this is a really great article! so insightful! I'd never thought about most of the ideas presented here, and I'm glad I read this one.
  • I follow the program in the book "New Rules of Lifting for Women" and all of the workouts are 25-40 minutes, 3x a week. They're great, intense workouts but nothing too time consuming. The book also recommends not doing isolation exercises. The recommended exercises aren't exactly compound, but do work large muscle groups at a time.

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