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VIDEO: ''Small Changes Helped Me Lose 90 Pounds!''

From 'Chubby Child' to Healthy Adult



5/6/2014 8:32:22 PM

LLBLOVER's SparkPage
Your story was very moving! Thank you for sharing it, and congratulations on rediscovering your true self!!! Bless you, and may you have many happy and healthy years!


5/6/2014 12:20:40 PM

TURTLE-135's SparkPage
Liked all your "I statements"; especially when you said you couldn't blame your parents. It is time for all of us to assume personal responsibility and do this. Thank you for your honest review and congratulations!


1/15/2014 11:48:55 AM

RFSMITH5139's SparkPage
Very encouraging, thanks for sharing, and congratulations!


1/15/2014 6:46:19 AM

ICEQUEEN2006's SparkPage
Nice video and encouragement. I am 47 looking to loose at least 30-40lbs. It's difficult, and a gym is not for me. I am too selfconcsious. But I still am gonna do better to lose it. I have to, my health is at stake at this point. thanks blazzrgrl


12/8/2013 4:13:35 PM

Thanks for the motivation to keep going.


10/8/2013 11:57:10 PM

Thank you for taking the time to pay it forward!


6/14/2013 12:39:01 AM

YUVATI's SparkPage
Amazing .


9/18/2012 3:40:19 PM

Thanks so much for sharing your video. You have given me hope. Thank you.


9/15/2012 9:44:55 AM

1935MARY's SparkPage
Thanks for sharing. When I get down I often look for something on the spark pages to lift me up. You do get dicouraged when you try so hard and don't drop and pound, when this happens I also stop to think what I have gotten out of this, this week.Allot of the time it maybe that I am just happier with myself. That's allot


5/2/2012 6:45:03 PM

Your video is the first I've watched since joining SparkPeople yesterday. Thanks for the HOPE.


5/2/2012 4:00:16 PM

BGSTELLA's SparkPage
I love the term "lurk" on the message boards when you're not feeling too social -- this is me so much of the time:)


4/5/2012 12:00:23 PM

MONALISA49's SparkPage
Loved your video blog. Thank you for sharing and helping so many others!

Love Spark People and its members. BOTH are such a help and encouragement.


4/5/2012 11:50:18 AM

Laura thank you for sharing your inspiring story of your journey! You are a testament to all those who are trying to make better choices for their well being. May you have continued success!


1/22/2012 7:28:38 PM

DEZIREME2's SparkPage
Thanks so much for that motivating video. Wow.. Sometimes i feel like I have truly lost my battle with the bulge and just want to throw my hands up in defeat. It is so physically and mentally draining. I know all there is about healthy eating, what exercises I should be/could be doing but it seems like all motivation has gone. But after seeing your video I feel a renewed sense of hope that little by little I too can be a success story.

Congratulations on your weight loss journey!


1/22/2012 5:29:31 PM

Thank you for this. You look beautiful and your determination and strength are apparent in your video.

I can relate with you on the secret eating and withdrawal from friends - I only realized this as I started losing weight. Thank you for the tips too, very practical!

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