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Best and Worst Salad Toppings

Not Every Salad is a Healthy One


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  • I've begun to try kale in mixed salad greens. Have been pretty skeptical about trying it. Surprisingly, at least with a mix, I like it!
    Michele Obama needed to push calorie reduction because that was easier for the average person to follow. The nutrition part comes from the schools and teachers and takes a long while to learn. Even doctors don't know a lot about nutrition. And the parents of the little darlings could learn on their own, but expect schools to do it for them.
  • Great comment on Michele. They were big on introducing arugula into our salads. I think 90% of the people that voted for them did not know that vegetable.
  • I think it is sad that just because it is a salad that people think it is good for them. I think Michelle Obama should have worried less about reducing the calories in school lunches and more about educating children on nutrition.
  • Some great ideas here but beware of low calorie and low fat dressings as they are not always a healthier choice. My husband loves Kraft Zesty Italian dressing so I decided to compare the nutritional information for the regular Zesty Italian, the Calorie Wise Zesty Italian and the Fat Free Italian dressing one day.

    The regular dressing has 25 calories/Tbsp with 2.5 grams of fat, of which only 0.3 grams are saturated, and 110 mg of sodium.

    The "calorie wise" dressing has 5 calories/Tbsp with 0.4 grams of fat and 140 mg of sodium.

    The "fat free" dressing also 5 calories/Tbsp with 0 grams of fat and 180 mg of sodium.

    When they reduce or remove the fat from foods to make them healthier it is generally replaced with either sugar or salt, and sometimes both!

    I buy the regular Zesty Italian dressing because the fat in it is polyunsaturated which helps our bodies absorb all those vitamins & minerals that are in the fruits & veggies and I don't want the extra sodium, thank you very much.

    There are definitely times where it is a good idea to choose low calorie or fat free products but, in my experience, salad dressings is not one of them. You have to read the labels and compare. I first learned of this when I took a heart healthy eating workshop led by a dietician who specialized cardiovascular care.
  • Have you ever tried a salad with dandelions, or violets, How about boiled milkweed tops or the immature fruit of a cattail. Jerusalem artichokes are good. Boiled skunk cabbage is very healthy(because of the smell- I don't eat it, but have), It's kinda like kimche, not bad if the smell doesn't get ya or baalot (pickled gorrami fish ( the smell of that will wake you right up. I like to eat a lot of wild foods and mushrooms; with which one must be very careful.
  • I generally opt for healthy salads, Blue cheese is my favorite dressing but I have learned to live with one I developed which is very healthy, no cheese but vinegar spices and olive oil. I eat a spoon of feta cheese with it on the salad. Sometimes I combine salad with 97% fat free ham and turkey sliced up in a chefs salad with a sliced Hard boiled egg some homemade tomato soup and a couple slices of toasted whole grain 12 grain bread dressed with 2TB homemade toasted garlic, jalapeno hummus. I call that a meal
  • I build my salads very carefully. I use spinach kale and romaine lettuce, black beans, kidney beans and chick peas. Beets, baby corn, carrots, celery, carrot, cucumber and tomatoes. Shrimp, crab meat, roasted chicken... Nothing fried, nothing breaded. Usually no dressing except a squirt of lemon juice.

    I love going to a salad bar, because I can choose a huge, healthy, low fat, low sodium meal.

  • I liked the tips on this article, but as a few people said, low fat dressing tastes awful! Since I eat mostly vegetarian, I found that I don't usually get enough fat in my diet. Therefore, regular dressing works fine for me if I chose to eat it. One thing bad about the low fat dressing is they use sugar to replace the fat. Sugar is worse for you than most fats. My favorite is balsalmic vinegar with a good olive oil, which is a good fat for you. Just remember to read the ingredients before you eat that dressing.
  • My favorite dressing - plain balsamic vinegar. If I put green salad olives on a salad, it doesn't need anything more for my taste.
    I like to add mss dash to mine in place on dressing. I also like to add 2 or 3 slices of lean turkey lunch meat to them. Keeps cals down while still tasting awesome!
    To me, a salad is all about the goodies, cheese, nuts, fruit, etc. If I can't have that what's the point. I would never make a salad and expect it to last more than one day. It's a daily prep thing.
    I also skip the croutons and add toasted pumpkin seeds or sliced almonds , walnuts , bazillion nuts.
    I prepare hard boiled egg whites in my poached egg maker using All Whites , easy to measure - makes it simple and quick protein - love the fruit in a salad . Great article
  • I generally do all of that for a salad to make it healthy whether here at home or out.

    I will generally buy low-fat chicken tenders in bulk at the store and bag two of them into sandwich freezer baggies and then freeze them for grilling for my salads. Two of them is about 4 oz. which is just perfect. I use a non-stick pan and put about 1 tsp of oil in it and season the chicken with some pepper on both sides and put it in the pan over medium heat. Then turn it over on the other side and do the same thing and put a lid on it to make sure it is cooked all the way through. Then I turn the stove off and take the chicken out and lay it on the cutting board and let it rest while I am putting the rest of my salad together. Then I cut the chicken up and put it into my salad.. It is good!

    At home, I will use olives from the olive bar at Weis grocery store, and then use some of the oil from it to dress the salad with, generally 1 tsp will do it. If I don't have enough of that in the bottom of the container of olives, I will use just 1 tsp of the first cold press of olive oil which I keep here at home. I do not care for acidic dressings.

    But if I am in a pinch and out and get a salad with grilled chicken on it, I will ask for low fat ranch or plain ranch dressing on the side and use just part of it.

    I always make a note or take the empty packet with me so that when I get home I can manually enter it into the nutrition tracker. Or I look it up on the internet and then enter that into the tracker manually. That way the next time I am out at the same place, when logging in my calories I won't have to do it again.

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